Selfie, walking Genghis on my lunch break, new Arbonne lip products, swatching my new goodies 
Well, what a week it has been. On Wednesday, I officially had to be moved out of my flat in Tadley, Hampshire, cue a MAD rush to get my entire life packed up and shipped off to Swindon. I made the decision to move back to Swindon for financial reasons - and those financial reasons meant hiring a van to get my belongings to Swindon was just not an option, so I attempted to cram everything into my boyfriend's tiny car and well, let's just say I have had a stressful week.

Thankfully I did manage to get everything out of my flat in time and I didn't lose as much of my deposit as I was expecting to, so there's good things in everything. It'll be a while before I feel settled in Swindon again, particularly because my current accommodation is only temporary, but the important thing is I am now well on the way to sorting my horrid horrid financial mess out and I feel about 100x lighter for that - plus, I get to spend a hell of a lot more time with James and Genghis now which is amazing!

Besides moving, this week has been pretty bog standard as I've just been at work. I'm really bloody pleased with myself for getting a whole week of blogging done and hope that June, the halfway point in the year, really is going to be the turning point I had hoped it would be, both for my blog and my life in general. I just hope that I can hold everything together for the rest of the month now!


Reading: against my better judgement, I am currently juggling three books: 7lbs in 7 days: the Juice Master Diet by Jason Vale, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and a short ebook by Kathy Reichs, a favourite author of mine.

Listening To: music has taken a back seat in my life at the moment as I no longer walk to work which used to be 40 minutes of interrupted iPod time so it's mainly been Radio One in the car or Marina and the Diamonds while I pack/unpack.

Watching: Game of Thrones of course, Pretty Little Liars (so bloody happy it's back) and me and the boyfriend are a bit between shows at the minute - we were watching Grimm but it got a bit boring, we tried Sense 8 but that was too WTF and tonight we've tried Vikings which we might just stick with.

Aiming For: heading back to roller derby on Thursday! I had intended to start last Thursday with it being a brand new month but moving got in the way. I don't think I've been since February/early March :(

Playing: Star Stable. I went a few weeks without it and then ended up playing on it for one day, unlocking two new areas and now I'm addicted all over again.

Lusting After: a whole new wardrobe (gotta wait until I shift some weight and save some money though) and the rest of the new Arbonne lipsticks

Looking Forward To: getting back into roller derby, getting back into the healthy lifestyle with more exercise and better food, keeping up the good work blogging wise, and stuff that's AGES away like Wednesday 13 for Halloween

Loving: chicken burgers! Obsessed with getting them to go from Sainsbury's a lunch time - that's gonna change now though haha.

How has your week been?