I don't know about you, but for me, there's certain things I do or don't do that make me feel like I'm living my life a little bit wrong. It feels like there's things that everybody loves...except me. It feels like there's things that everyone hates...except me. Here is a list of 10 things that make me feel like a bit of a weirdo:

1. I don't listen to Taylor Swift
At the minute, it feels like every female is a Taylor Swift fan and 1989 is a must have album. Yet, I just can't get into Swifty. I know a few of her songs, in fact, I probably know Bad Blood off by heart as it's so overplayed on the radio, but I just find them "meh." I don't hate her, but I don't like her either. I'm just indifferent, yet I feel like I'm missing out on an essential part of womanhood when so many girls are going crazy about her right now!

2. ...Same goes for Beyonce!
Yeah, she's talented, yeah, she's beautiful, but I just don't understand where her "goddess" status has come from? She's just another female super mega pop star in my books. (And no, social justice side of Tumblr, it's not because I'm anti-black...)

3. I hate avocado 
Avocado is definitely the world's favourite superfood right now. Every other picture on my Instagram feed has one in and even my boyfriend gets through about 14 a week. While I'm happy to have one in a smoothie for its health benefits without having to taste it, every time I try and eat one as it is I want to be sick. How has this thing got so popular?

4. I don't really like films
Yeah, I'm not a film person. I like going to the cinema, but trying to get me to watch a film at home is getting more and more unlikely. They're just so long! I haven't seen many "classics" and those that I have, well, they bored me. The Godfather is three hours of my life I'm never going to get back. Give me a TV show any day!!

5. I don't watch reality TV
Any of it. No X Factor, no Big Brother, no I'm a Celeb. Although I do LOVE the Apprentice.

6. I liked Courtney Love's America's Sweetheart Album
OK, this one isn't so much of a mainstream one, but generally, both fans and critics said this album was god awful. I on the other hand, think it's pretty good. I think I like it better than the "Hole" album she did afterwards called Nobody's Daughter.

7. I don't see the attraction of Charlotte Tilbury Makeup
Sooooo many bloggers are soooooo obsessed with this brand right now and yet it just seems like any other premium brand to me. What am I missing?!

8. I LOVE the hot weather
Literally nothing annoys me more right now than going through my Twitter feed and seeing everyone moaning about the heat. Do you people really like the snow and the rain and the cold better than this?! BAFFLING.

9. iPhones. I don't have one
...nor do I want one! At least 99% of my social media feeds are made up of people complaining about how rubbish iPhone batteries are. I charge my Samsung EVERY OTHER DAY, why on EARTH would I give that up for something that's dead when I need to use it?!

10. I hate Windows 8. 
Oh wait, nevermind, everyone hates Windows 8!  

DISCLAIMER: This isn't a look at me, I'm such a special snowflake post. I know I'm not the only person who doesn't like Taylor Swift and Beyonce or have an iPhone and I'm not slagging you off if you do like some of the things I don't. It's just a bit of fun! It'd be great to see who agrees with me on these things and who doesn't :)