I am a big fan of dry shampoo. I hate washing my hair daily because it's not good for my hair, but at the same time, no matter how hard I try to train my hair, the day after I've washed it, my roots and particularly my fringe become a greasy mess.

While I have reviewed other dry shampoos on this blog before and found them "OK", I've never, ever found a brand I like as much as Batiste. Batiste is literally exactly what I need. It smells great and when I use it, there's literally not a trace of oil visible in my hair. It also comes in super large cans and although not the cheapest brand out there, it's not extortionate and I don't care paying a fiver for a big can because it works and it lasts a good long while.

So, imagine my horror a while back when I ran out of my Batiste. While I was in town one weekend, I remembered this alarming fact just before I caught my bus, so ran into the nearby Superdrug. The situation however, just got worse from there. They had literally sold out of all Batiste. I noticed that my sisters and mum had been using the Aussie brand last time I saw them, and it was on offer, so I had to grab that instead.

So how does it measure up to my beloved Batiste?

At first, I was quite impressed. On first applying it, I panicked like crazy because the formula is so wet, similar to an absolutely horrific brand I've used in the past, and I was covinced it would make my grease situation even worse. Amazingly though, once I'd rubbed in the Aussie Dry Shampoo, it worked really well. It eliminated the signs that I hadn't washed my hair, smelled amazing and even had a bonus point on Batiste: it doesn't leave any powdery white residue in my hair.

Sadly, the results were not prolonged. After a few uses, the spraying mechanism broke. Now, when I try to use it, either no product comes out at all, or the product that does is too wet and doesn't come out in a way that works and so your hair ends up looking worse than before.

Even if my bottle had continued to work, this Dry Shampoo is pricey. It's about £4.50 a can (I got 2 for £7 though but STILL), and you get less in it than you do a small can of Batiste and you need more of it. Add on the fact that I've never had an issue with the Batiste spraying mechanisms...well. Next time I will spend more time hunting for Batiste and miss my bus if I must!!