Outfit Details:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge (extremely old)
Shirt: Primark
Trousers: Miss Pap
Earrings: Cheap Frills (I think)

Makeup Details
This post, with the lipstick switched out for Arbonne Lip Gloss in Pearl (discontinued, the new shade Linden is similar)

To say I really wasn't sure about this blouse when I took it home, I sure have ended up wearing it a lot. It's still not my favourite thing in the world, but I like the pink, white, black colour palette and it's good for work so it manages to survive my wardrobe culls. I think it looks much better with my beloved leather pants than it did with these blue jeans.

Yet again this is another outfit I wore to work, although had I any other trousers that fit me at the moment, I'd probably prefer to not wear leather pants to work. Especially at the moment when it is too damn warm for them!

I'm in a total and utter style rut at the moment, it's awful. I'm extremely bored with my hair, can't stand the sight of my bitten nails, I never get out of bed in time to wear makeup and even the clothes that do fit me at the moment I don't even like anymore.

I decided to take action and buy some new clothes, but sadly some didn't fit, even when I returned for a bigger size, and the rest just plain doesn't suit me. It's really put me off buying any more clothes but at the same time I need to keep persevering because I can't just hide away for months on end until I fit into my old clothes again but at the minute, my current wardrobe choices and appearance are really getting me down. 

Has anyone else really struggled to define their style after putting on or losing weight or in my case, both putting on weight and changing shape completely?! It's driving me mad.