Outfit Details:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge (super old)
Top: Charity Shop (has no label)
Trousers: Miss Pap
Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: Next 

Makeup Details:
This post. However I swapped the lipstick for Arbonne Vintage Rose which has now been discontinued. However, the new Rose and Willow are similar.

This top has to be one of my best bargains ever: I scored it for £2.50 in a charity shop, hooray! It caught my eye a few months ago during a visit to Wakefield and for that price, plus it being in a charity shop so there was no guarantee I'd ever see it again, I just had to snap it up. Although it has no label so not only do I have no idea where it was originally from, I don't know what size it is either, it's not too bad because it's stretchy so it fits me now and will still fit me if when I lose that weight I've managed to put since getting a desk job.

As soon as I got the top home, I knew I had to pair it with my "leather" pants from Miss Pap. I actually did a massive haul in that store around Christmas time so I'm amazed it's taken me until now to feature any clothing from Miss Pap on the blog. That being said, the only thing I actually wear from the haul is these leather look pants. They're one of the few pairs of trousers I have left that fit me still so I wear them a lot. Sadly they're getting a bit knackered now and I'm reluctant to replace them because I know I'm not planning on staying this size for much longer. 

So, a pretty simple outfit all in all but I think the leather look gives it a bit of an edge. What do you think?