Showing off my new favourite Arbonne lipstick, lusting after my old hair, detox tea in an inappropriate mug, caterpillars, pretending I'm cute, oh look, ANOTHER selfie, reading good books, nice makeup, wedding guest dress
SELFIES GALORE. Apparently, since my last Instavixen Roundup post, I've been very invested in my own face! I promise you though, in the past few weeks I have done a lot more than take photographs of my face!

In my last weekly roundup about two/three weeks ago, I spoke about how I'd turned a corner in my personal development journey and how good it was making me feel. I'm pleased to report I am still very much on the self love path and working towards a life I am very happy with. I've not been perfect, I still have days where I get overwhelmed in not so great thoughts and I still like french fries, cheese and chocolate far too much but there has been such a marked improvement this month I am feeling very, very encouraged by my progress. I feel like August is going to be gamechanger for me, so watch this space ;)

The highlight of the past few weeks has definitely been this weekend just gone. On Friday, I took a holiday day off work and travelled back up to Wakefield to see my family. I left very early in the morning so I had pretty much the whole day at home and enjoyed a much, MUCH needed chill out day where I napped, read a lot and got a paid for Skillshare account so I can get the education I need to move forward with certain goals of mine.

Saturday, the true adventure began when me and a large portion of my family jumped into a mini bus and headed to Cardiff for the day. Most of the day was spent travelling so I did even more reading but the evening was spent socialising with various people, where alcohol was flowing and good food was readily available.

But why on earth were we all in Cardiff? Well, yesterday, my step sister got married! It was such a wonderful day, a really lovely ceremony, great food, good company, although a very long day! I've had a fab weekend but believe me when I say I'm knackered now!


Reading: Swamp Bones by Kathy Reichs

Listening To: Ashamed to say that music has taken a bit of backseat in my life at the moment! Last thing I listened to on purpose was the latest Sleater-Kinney album (very good)

Watching: I've been watching a lot recently! I recently finished season one of The 100 which I adored and although season two is out, it's not available for free on Amazon Instant Video much to my annoyance. For this reason I've started watching Continuum on Netflix which is very, very good. Also keeping up with Pretty Little Liars weekly and watching Charmed when I've got time to myself!

Playing: Star Stable! May have been on it for several hours today because I'm off work but got back into Swindon in very good time from Cardiff. Nearly run out of quests now because I'm about to hit the maximum level of 17 and I will probably cry when that happens...!

Loving: Getting better at getting out of bed in the morning so I can spend a little bit more time on my appearance, which is boosting my self confidence loads

Looking Forward To: Moving into my own flat in just over a week, so having my own space, knowing where all my possessions are, settling into a proper routine again, freedom, independence!!

Hope you all had lovely weekends too xoxo