Products Used: 
Base: Arbonne FC5 Mattifying Powder, Arbonne CC Cream, Arbonne Sheer Loose Powder
Cheeks: Arbonne Blush in Blossom and Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter
Eyebrows: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Rewind (Vice 2 Palette) and Maybelline Brow Drama
Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Dope, Coax, X-Rated and Voodoo, Arbonne Liquid Eyeliner, Rimmel Nude Eyeliner, Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara

Hello and welcome back to my Face of the Week (FOTW) feature! As a beauty blogger I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of makeup I own. I either end up in a rut and wear the same things over and over and over, or I use different things every day which leads to a chaotic dressing table and too many dirty makeup brushes! To streamline my routine and get as much use out of all my products as possible, I pick one makeup look to wear all week long before I switch it up for the next week. And that's how FOTW was born.

Today I am featuring a makeup look gone wrong! If you Google the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, you will see that X-Rated and Coax are two pink shades. As I was wearing a lovely pink outfit today, I figured I'd do a lovely pink makeup look to go with it. Now look at those photos, does that look pink to you? I think not! 

So, how did I end up with a purple makeup look? I started my makeup as normal. Using the FC5 Mattifying Powder to calm my relatively oily skin, I then followed it with the Arbonne CC Cream. No concealer because I've run out and to be honest, the CC cream is a bit of an all-in-one anyway. I try to use loose powder over pressed powder when I'm at home as I prefer the finish it gives. I reached for my Blossom blush because it's my favourite, and it looks fab with the highlighter. I filled in my eyebrows in the exactly the same way I do every day.

So, onto my eyes. I decided I wanted a darker shade in my crease than X-Rated, without straying too far from the pink theme, and so I opted for gorgeous purple shade Voodoo. So far, so good. I then took X-Rated and blended that into my crease as well, creating a lovely dark pink shade in my crease and out corners. Next I highlighted my brow bone with Dope and then filled the rest of my lid in with Coax. Voila! Lovely pink eye makeup. I finished it off with eyeliner and mascara, of course and opted for a subtle lip today, in the form of one of my favourite lip products ever, Revlon's Honey balm stain.

And then, I took my photos. The preview looked fine, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Yet, I got to work and saw myself in the mirror and realised my eyeshadow had turned purple, oops! And yep, purple in the photos too.

However, regardless of my eye makeup not exactly turning out how I wanted it to today, it was actually quite pretty and I liked it.

What do you think?