James' marine fish tank receiving its first residents, Coate Water, Sunday lie in with Genghis, ice cream for a sunny day
Life has been pretty chilled since I returned home to Swindon on Monday. As usual, work is taking up most of my days and Star Stable is taking up most of my evenings which unfortunately doesn't make my week all that bloggable. I have had some personal triumphs this week; I've managed to get BT to waive a £200 bill I owed from my last property and I've got a really good deal on some removal men for my next move. I've also started August off on exactly the right foot; both days so far have been very active and full of healthy nutritious food, minus the ice cream of course!

Similar outfit here.
The highlight of my week was definitely a little trip to Coate Water yesterday, which is a big lake and nice country walk in Swindon. I've been wanting to go since I moved to Swindon the first time because I'm actually a big fan of nice walks, and even more so since Genghis came into my life. It was well worth the wait; Genghis absolutely loved it and I was so glad to be out of the house, getting some exercise and enjoying the pleasant afternoon weather.


Reading: Swamp Bones by Kathy Reichs (aiming to finish this tonight and start the Virals series)

Listening To: again, I seem to have forgotten all about music recently :(

Watching: a little bit of Charmed, Pretty Little Liars and Continuum which I am really, really into now

Playing: Star Stable, STILL

Looking Forward To: moving into my own flat of course, less than a week to go and I'm so pleased I will only have to wait until Monday 10th to get Internet (my move in day is Friday 7th)

Lusting After: pretty bedding, cute kitchen sets, basically anything that will make a home look nice and "me"

Aiming To: keep up the good start to August and remain active and eating healthy food!

How has your week been?