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Well, well, well, hello there everyone! It has been ever such a long time since I sat down to write an Instavixen post and update you all on my little life. So much has changed since my last post in this series, my life has completely changed! OK, a little dramatic, but a lot has happened since then.

So, what did August have in store for me then?

As I mentioned several billion times, on the 7th August I moved to Swindon officially and started renting a little flat of my own. Amazingly, the move went super smoothly and I was settled in and unpacked in a matter of days with minimal stress. I'm really happy with my flat. Although I was very emotionally attached to my last flat, it was in the middle of nowhere and just too expensive for me on my own, especially while in debt. Living in Swindon is so much more affordable and a much better location. I am 2 minutes away from Tesco, 10 minutes away from the town centre, 15 minutes away from James and Genghis. It is totally amazing having space all to myself again and I feel great.

Unfortunately, I have also had a rather terrifying experience since moving back to Swindon. One Sunday morning I woke up to a text from James saying that he had lost Genghis. I've never jumped out of bed so quickly in my life. I grabbed the nearest clothes I could, shoved my glasses on, pulled my hair up and sprinted to his house. We spent seven or eight gruelling hours combing the fields behind his house searching for the poor little puppy. Posters were put up and a reward was offered. Just as I was beginning to lose hope, some kids found beloved Genghis caught up in the middle of a bramble bush. Genghis was THANK GOD safely returned, but jesus, one of the most harrowing days of my life. And errr, now that it turned out OK, one of the best days EVER for my fitness levels, haha!!

As you may know, I have also been taking leaps and strides into improving my life as much as possible, as detailed in my Operation Supervixen August Update post. Today, I am pleased to say I took steps towards something that genuinely is going to transform my life forever. I finally booked a driving lesson. This time, I fully intend on not giving up until I pass my test, own a car and am comfortable driving myself to work. Independence and freedom are truly in my grasp now!


Reading: I just finished the third book in Kathy Reichs' Virals series. I am in love with it and will no doubt start the fourth one tonight.

Listening To: Everything! Not only am I listening to my current favourites, Wednesday 13 and Marina and the Diamonds, I am also rediscovering old favourites like Sleater-Kinney, The Donnas and Bourbon Crow. There were also two really good versions of Radio 1's summer mixes that I liked a lot, so I've had those on a few times as well. I listen to music so much more when I live alone and I've been loving it.

Watching: To be honest, TV has really taken a backseat in my life recently. Pretty Little Liars is done for the time being and I even finished rewatching Charmed. Because I don't live with James anymore, I haven't even been watching anything with him. I haven't been able to decide what to watch since finishing Charmed so I've just found other things to do with my time! However, I've noticed from Dusk til Dawn is back now...!

Playing: Shock horror! NOT STAR STABLE. Another thing that has unexpectedly taken a backseat in my life is my favourite game Star Stable. Never thought it would happen. However for two days in my new flat, I had no internet so I resorted to digging out my Nintendo DS. I started playing Pokemon again and now I can't stop!

Looking Forward To: Tomorrow and having a lovely Bank Holiday Monday day out! Bank holidays are the best thing about that office life haha.

How has your week been?