Outfit Details: 
Blazer: Missguided
Top: Missguided
Skirt: Missguided
Bag: Missguided (oh god, theme emerging! Also the bag is SUPER old)
Sunglasses: Primark 

Last week, I shared an outfit called Roses on the blog and today, I am sharing the outfit again, except, I have tweaked it a tiny bit to make it work appropriate!

OK, I've barely made any changes - I've added a slightly more subtle necklace and removed the flower crown, I'm showing off my sunglasses as I actually didn't forget to wear them the day these photos were taken and shown off my beloved pink handbag. Oh and of course, it's a work outfit, so BLAZER ALERT.

I realised before I'd even put it on that cream and white is probably not the best combination and a colleague also informed me of this, haha. However I've still not managed to pick up a white blazer despite wanting one for years so I decided to risk this fashion mistake. Honestly these photos make it look not so bad, but believe me, in real life, cream blazer, white vest top does not work. 

In other news, these are the first outfit photos I have ever taken in my new flat, hooray! I will probably change where I am stood next time as I'm not so sure I like these photos at all, but I am pushed for space so goodness knows what I will end up coming up with!