The Instavixen Roundup #13

Falsies, selfie, delicious churros, yummy quesadillas, remembering Barney the Gerbil
Well, I don't know about you but for me, September got off to a pretty disastrous start. Heading to work after a bank holiday is not the one and any notions I had about healthy eating and getting exercise for the first week seemed to just go completely out of the window. I pretty much forgot what a vegetable was this week and how to use my legs became a mystery.

Yesterday was a lovely day though. I had an insanely long lie in and then dragged myself to the hairdressers for a much needed fringe trim (free, hooray!) and then in for a in-dire-need-of eyebrow threading session. I swear, I emerged like a brand new woman. When I was done, I headed home to pop some makeup on before heading to James'. We had planned to have a BBQ but it was such a grey day very little time was actually spent in his lovely garden! The food and company was good though and I had a really good day.

Today, I woke up ready to take on life again. I got out of bed in relatively good time and had a nice healthy smoothie for breakfast, along with some Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks to ensure I didn't go crawling back into bed again! On a full stomach, I then did my meal plan for the week and headed out to Tesco. Upon arriving home, I proceeded to clean my fridge after putting it off since the day I moved in and then did the rest of my flat, which is now spotless.

Then I had my first driving lesson in three years.

You guys! I DID IT. I finally got my ass back in the driving seat. I've been putting it off for far too long and because of that, my anxiety surrounding the issue got bigger and bigger. However, I had a good chat with my life coach about how I need to learn to drive now and she helped me work through the panic I was feeling and it worked, I finally booked a lesson and today I drove a goddamn car. I even faced multiple roundabouts.

The rest of the week doesn't feel like so much of a failure now I've conquered this. My next one is booked for next week!


Reading: NOTHING, oops! I am on the last book in the Virals series and I really, really don't want it to end so I've kinda just been avoiding downloading it my Kindle and getting started.

Listening To: a lot of Marina and the Diamonds and a bit of Bourbon Crow

Watching: I'm SO happy from Dusk til Dawn is back, because it's SO GOOD. Really not down with this whole "one episode a week" thing though, ew! Also to fill in my time between episodes of that, I've finally got round to season 2 of Bates Motel. Also amazing.

Playing: nothing! I'm a bit bored of video games again now, which is a blessing in disguise because it means my productivity levels go up!

Eating: I've been way, way, way too obsessed with pancakes this week, oops! Good as a treat, yes, but far too sugary for me to have daily!

Loving: early nights! I've needed so much sleep recently.

Looking Forward To: my next driving lesson?! Also hopefully having a very overdue phone call with my mummy tonight <3

How has your week been? Conquered any fears?

What I Wore: Date Night

I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Boohoo
Dress: eBay
Belt: Miss Selfridge
Headband: eBay

Makeup Details:
Arbonne FC5 Mattifying Powder
Arbonne CC Cream
Arbonne Lose Powder
Arbonne Blush in Blossom
Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter
Maybelline Brow Drama
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Rewind, Dope and Strike
Collection Liquid Eyeliner
Rimmel Eyeliner in Nude
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara
Arbonne Kiss at Midnight Lip Conditioner in Pink (not available right now, but watch this space...!) 

As yesterday was a precious, precious bank holiday, I decided I didn't want to waste the extra day off work and spend it doing something nice. I had really wanted to go to the beach, but sadly the weather wasn't on side. So, the boyfriend and I decided to have a chilled out day time and head out to a restaurant and the cinema in the evening instead. Naturally the occasion called for dolling myself up in a cute dress with nice makeup and here's what I came up with.

Although I've had this eBay dress for years now, I'm pretty sure this is the first time it has appeared on The Glitter Vixen. I know for a fact it appeared on my old defunct blog, but I think this its debut right here. In recent months, it has become a favourite of mine because when I first bought it, it was a little too big and shapeless. Despite this, I clung onto it, which has been to my advantage as I am little bit bigger these days and I now love the way it looks.

Pink and black remains my favourite colour scheme and this dress does that oh so well. It's mainly pink (good) but the black lace detailing at the top makes it very delicate and feminine. It doesn't look quite right without a belt, so I turned to my trusted black bow waist belt which often turns outfits from zero to hero. I also decided to wear a little black floral headband as I am trying to wear more hair accessories. While I love the way it looks, it sadly came off during the night because it was annoying me!

So how was date night? It was really lovely! I've been craving quesadillas for AGES because I don't get along with the hob in my new flat so every time I've cooked them recently, it has gone wrong and left me unsatisfied. For this reason, we decided to try out Chiquitos, having never been before. Not only did I finally get some quesadillas, but I also had some churros for dessert, SO YUMMY. Afterwards we went to see Bad Education, which was hilarious and had been in stitches the entire time. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Jorah Mormont in it, always wondered what he got up to in between getting kicked out by Dany and finding Tyrion ;)

All in all, I adore this outfit and would totally wear it again! What do you think?