For the first 18 years of my life, I was a fussy eater. For the first 18 years of my life, I didn't cook. There's no need to cook when the only thing you will eat is Frazzles. However, I soon realised there's more to life than delicious bacon flavoured, bacon shaped crisps and the more I began to eat, the more I began to cook.

As it turns out, despite my slow start, I am a really good cook and I actually enjoy it. However, more recently, I've fallen out of love with cooking. I'd convinced myself the last thing I want to do when I get home from work was slave away over the stove, "wasting" time. 

I'd known about Hello Fresh for ages as my family quite like it, but I'd never taken the plunge myself. I'd even had a few £20 off vouchers at my disposal but I'd never quite got round to ordering myself a box. Then, one day, I received a voucher for £20 off my first AND second boxes. Suddenly, I decided it was time.

For those who aren't in the know, Hello Fresh is a weekly delivery box containing recipes and all the ingredients required to cook these recipes. One of the things I'd be struggling with each night was simply deciding what to cook, and these boxes took that stress away from each night. I was also hoping that having the exact ingredients in the right quantities ready and waiting for me would make cooking feel like less of a chore. 

Sadly, the ingredients don't always come in exactly the right quantities. One week I received a humongous bag of kale when I only required a handful for the recipe and personally, I find the pasta/noodle quantities are always a little excessive. I was also a little bit miffed when during my second week, I was charged full price for my box when it was meant to be £20 off.

Thankfully, my criticisms end there! When I rang up to ask why my voucher hadn't been taken into account, the staff were not only incredibly friendly, but also really helpful and my refund actually arrived in my bank account the next day, hooray. 

The food itself was absolutely great. I haven't made handmade burgers since I was in university and they turned out so well. It was the meal I was looking forward to least but it probably ended up being my favourite. The beef stir fry was so full of flavour, whereas the aubergine pasta was much spicier than anything I'd normally cook but I enjoyed it so much I want to be a bit more daring with chili now because I can handle a bit more than I thought.

I was also really impressed by the quality of the ingredients you are provided with. All the tinned food I received was organic, and I noticed that all the cuts of meat were practically fat free - much better than those I can pick up in the supermarket. The veg was always fresh and I really love the cute little spice pots you get. The packaging is great too - there's ice packs in there so I was confident that it was still fresh and in good condition when my box got to me.

All in all, I have been really, really pleased with my Hello Fresh experience, I have finally fallen back in love with cooking. I'd definitely got too comfortable with my eating habits - I was either getting takeaway or cooking the same bland, boring recipes over and over again, but now, I feel refreshed and inspired again.

If you're interested in trying Hello Fresh yourself, you can use this code XC33EW to get £20 off your first box (must be a new customer). This post isn't sponsored but if you do use that code I get £12 off my next box as well :) (please don't share this code elsewhere or neither of us will get the discount!!)