Hello everyone. It has been a while since I set myself some real goals to help keep me on track in my personal development journey. With October coming to an end (what, already?! HOW?!) I thought now was the perfect time to set myself some fresh goals to complete during November. At the end of November, I will update you all on my progress and get back into the habit of setting goals and writing progress reports on a monthly basis again.

  1. Take a packed lunch to work every day. This goal kills two birds with one stone: not only does it stop me spending extortionate amounts of money, but a lunch I've actually prepared myself is always going to be healthier than one I buy from the shop. 
  2. Have zero takeaways. Another goal which will be good for both my bank balance and health. This month I have had more takeaways than I care to admit to - despite the fact I can't afford it. Not only that but as much as a I love Domino's Pizza and dumplings, they aren't good for my waistline! This will be seriously tough to stick to, but I really need to start being tough on myself when it comes to this and I suspect my next goal might make it easier than it normally would be.
  3. Start a cleanse. Last month, I accidentally stumbled upon a cleanse programme that isn't just juice AND the recipes included actually appealed to me! When I look at most detox/cleanse programmes, I am horrified by how bland they are, or how obscure and inaccessible the ingredients are. However, the programme I will be undertaking has recipes that make my mouth water, an ingredient substitute guide (v. helpful for a fussy eater like me) and ingredients I've heard of - but it also has a guide of where to find all the ingredients anyway! I will be starting this programme on Monday 9th. I'd originally wanted to start on the 2nd, but I am away the weekend of the 7th and I knew I'd end up spoiling it before I'd even got started properly.
  4. Go to roller derby every week. This is with the exception of the first week, when I have other plans that night. So far in October, I haven't been to roller derby once and I am so annoyed and ashamed of myself. I would really like to turn over a new leaf in November and start going again. Every time I do make the effort I seriously enjoy it and it's such a good workout. 
  5. Workout on the weekends. I know, I know, weekends are meant to be 'time off.' However, I'm at work during the week - there's NO chance in hell I will get out of bed to workout properly before work and I am always far too tired when I get home (hence why I don't go to roller derby!) For a while I got into the habit of doing Blogilates videos on Saturdays and Sundays and now I need to get back into it. 
  6. Use my week off work in the middle of the month to breath some life back into this blog. Although I have finally started posting 2-3 times a week again alongside my shiny new blog design, I am still not very satisfied with this blog. I want to really revamp my content and posting schedule and not being at work is the perfect time to do it. Hoping to use the time to schedule content right up until the end of 2015, however my main focus is generating content I am really proud of again. 
So, six goals related to money saving, healthy eating, exercise and using my free time in a way that aligns with my values. I am feeling quite positive about these - although very nervous about number 2 - so looking forward to giving an update in a month's time!

What are your November goals?