Around a month ago, I attended the Royal Berkshire County Show for the first time. This was a pretty big deal for me because even since before I moved down South, James has been promising to take me to this event! My expectations were super high because he'd built it up so much and I was amazed when this year, he pulled up outside my flat and I realised that this year, it was actually happening, we were attending the show!

Because James had made such a big deal about the Berkshire Show, I was worried that once I actually got there it was going to be a bit rubbish, but thankfully, it ended up being such a wondeful day. It's because I had such a good time that I decided to blog about it anyway, despite it being about a month ago!

Besides lots and lots of interesting farm animals, there were a variety of eagles and other birds of prey, ferret racing, donkeys, otters and many more. 

I particularly enjoyed the tent full of plants. The bonsai trees were amazing and I loved the cacti. There were some really cute floral arrangements as well, which I've shared above. 

Of course, there's shopping at the event too! I spent at huge amount of time drooling overs cars (I had to be pulled away from the Fiat stand as I was in immediate danger of purchasing a Fiat 500 as my first car) and giant garden structures like a BBQ hut. My actual purchases were a bit more sensible: a scarf, a nail stamping kit and some bath bombs.

All in all I had a really good day. There was a lot to see and do, plus the weather was GLORIOUS so I got some much needed Vitamin D and exercise. If you're in the area next year I thoroughly recommend going!