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OK, hands up who has ever said "OMG I have NOTHING to wear" while staring at their wardrobe which is, of course, full of clothes. I say it at least three times a day. I'm in a massive style rut, the majority of my clothes no longer fit me and I can't afford to replace them and the clothes that do fit me, I can't stand anymore. Last time my boyfriend and I went to the cinema, I nearly had a full on meltdown because I just "couldn't" find a date night appropriate outfit that made me feel how I wanted to feel - I almost cancelled on him because of it. Obviously, this is no way to live, so I've sat down and written myself an action plan to fall back in love with my own personal style again. Naturally, I thought I'd share it on the blog because I know I'm not the only person who faces this problem!

Step One
Clear your bed and make a lot of space. Empty your wardrobe. Empty your drawers. Empty anywhere that you store clothes and make sure you don't forget any laundry that's been hung up to dry for the past three weeks either. You need all your clothing in one place if this mission is going to be a success.

Step Two
Begin organising your mass of clothing into separate piles.: keep, sell, donate and chuck - that last pile there should be reserved only for items that are so far gone beyond repair that there's no hope left for them. You must be brutal and honest in this step! It's time to be honest about clothes that don't fit you and clothes you said you were going fix six months ago but never did. If you haven't sewn those buttons back on by now, you won't ever do it! Make sure mildy imperfect items and things that do not fit you are either in the sell or donate pile. Hang on to the sell and donate piles for now, but get rid of that chuck pile as soon as you can!

Tip: When doing a clear out, I find it's much easier and better for the soul to donate most items. However, when items are a certain brand or still have tags on them, it can be quite profitable to sell them - try Facebook groups first to avoid nasty fees!

Step Three
Now, sort these piles down even further - you want each type of clothing in a different pile - so, dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, playsuits and even your knickers and your bras ladies in their own individual pile. My reasoning behind this will become clearer at a later stage in the process.

Step Four
Now, let's focus our attention on the clothing in your keep pile. This should now only consist of clothes you actually wear on a regular basis or items you love so much you can't bear to get rid of them in anyway way. For the clothes you actually wear regularly: why do you wear these pieces so often: do they fit? Are they comfy? Easy to style? For the clothes you do not wear regularly but don't want to get rid of: Are they reserved for special occasions? Or are you just clueless about what to wear it with? 
Step Five
Using the clothes in your keep pile, write down a list of failsafe outfits, ones you know you can always fall back on if you want to look good and feel confident. If you have a lot of dresses, this is great because dresses = instant outfit. Now put your failsafe items and outfits right back in your wardrobe.

Step Six
You should now be left with the clothes you never wear but want to keep and the items you want to sell or donate. If the reason you never wear these items is because they're for special occasions, I think it's perfectly alright to pop it back in your wardrobe now. Everybody needs special outfits for special times! Now: lay out all your tops in one line, and all your bottoms (trousers, skirts, shorts etc.) in another line underneath. This is why I had you separate all your piles into invidual types of clothing. Do you see any potential matches? Laying out your clothes next to each other is a great way to visualise new outfits. You might think the reason you never wear your gorgeous blouse is because you have nothing that goes with it, but when you lay it next to a pretty little skirt, you might find the two are a match made in heaven! I've had you include you sell and donate piles in this exercise because you might be about to get rid of an item your wardrobe really needs.

Step Seven
Now, try on all your potential matches from Step Six. If they look good, add a note to your failsafe outfits list, and then pop the items in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe should now be full of great outfits that you love and on your bed you should only have your sell, donate, and what the hell do I wear this with items. Put your sell and donate items to one side and focus all your attention on the lonely clothing. Can you envision anything that will go with these items of clothing? If you wardrobe is just missing some essential basics, make sure you write these down and grab them on your next shopping trip. If it's just one of those items that doesn't go with anything at all, it's time to suck it up, and add it to the sell or donate pile.

Step Eight
Haul your donate bag to your charity/sister of choice and get listing those sell items wherever you choose!

Hopefully you now have a wardrobe full of clothing that fits you and is totally wearable. Not to mention you've got a list of outfits you know make you feel good, so make sure you hang onto that for days when you just can't decide what to wear!

If you enjoyed this post and/or found it useful, please do let me know as I am thinking of turning it into a full series about building a wardrobe full of clothes you really love and developing your own personal style.