Products Used: 
Arbonne Primer
Arbonne CC Cream
Arbonne Mineral Foundation
Arbonne Bronzer
Arbonne Highlighter
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Shellshock, Lovesick and Smokeout (Vice 2 Palette)
Arbonne Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Arbonne Pencil Eyeliner in Black
Arbonne Lipstick in Runway Rouge

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I recently had the pleasure of spending the weekend in London. Now why was I in London? To see Wednesday 13 of course! One of the best things about going to see my favourite music artist, besides seeing the man himself obviously, is the fact that it's the perfect excuse to go really overboard with black eyeliner! I absolutely love doing makeup that leans towards the goth side of things and naturally, I just had to share that passion with you all today.

I started off by prepping my incredible winter base. After my skincare routine, I use a generous two pumps of the Arbonne Primer to really smooth over my skin and hydrate it ready for the heavy products I use at this time of year. While I adore both the Arbonne CC Cream and Mineral Foundation, neither of them are quite heavy enough for me at the moment. Together though? A match made in heaven. My skin is always horrendous at this time of year and using two of my favourite foundations together gives me the coverage I really need and desire. 

Once my base is out of the way, I ever so lightly added the Arbonne Bronzer and Arbonne Highlighter to my face. I wanted to keep myself relatively pale, but I also wanted to emphasise my cheekbones. With the minimal contouring out of the way, it was time to move onto the best part: my eyes! After applying a primer, I applied the lovely silver shade, Shellshock, from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette all over my eyelids. I then took the matt black shade, Smokeout, and blended it into my crease. To make it all a bit darker and smokier, I blended the slightly glittery black shade Lovesick onto the outer corners of my eyes. To finish it off, I did a nice thick flick of liquid eyeliner on my top lip and outlined the bottom in pencil eyeliner, slightly smudging it for a nice grungey look. Of course, I also used my beloved Arbonne It's a Long Story mascara to finish the eyes off.

I had wanted to wear false lashes with this makeup look to really give it some oomph but the only ones I had available to me were some seriously cheap and nasty eBay ones I've had for ages. Sadly I am really out of practice at applying lashes and these ones are pretty damn difficult to begin with, so I gave up on them and moved onto lipstick. Initially I had wanted a deep purple, but as the top I was wearing was red and black, I went for a red lip with Arbonne's Runway Rouge lipstick. This shade is sadly not available anymore, but if you were interested, I will let you know which shade in the new range of Arbonne lipsticks (even BETTER than the originals) is close. 

Overall, I am really happy with this makeup look and super excited for my next chance to wear it again. Funnily enough, I actually saw Wednesday 13 two nights in a row this time, so maybe, just maybe, I've got another gothic makeup look to show you next week...?