I'm Wearing:
Beret: H+M
Jacket: Boohoo
Blouse: New Look
Trousers: Miss Pap
Scarf: Gift

Arbonne Primer
Arbonne CC Cream
Arbonne Mineral Foundation
Arbonne Bronzer
Arbonne Highlighter
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Dope and Strike (Vice 2 Palette)
Arbonne Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara

One of the things I really want this little blog to be is a reflection of real life. I find that so many outfit bloggers only show outfits because they've been paid to, or they think it looks good but then don't actually wear that outfit outside the house. On this blog I promise to show outfits I actually wear, whether it's the clothes I wear to work or the clothes I wear on the very rare occasions I *gasp* socialise.

Of course, that also means sharing outfits that, well, look awful. In the past I've shared a few dud outfits and sadly, today is one of those. In my head, a cream shirt, 'leather' pants and some leopard print accessorising was a great idea, but sadly, that didn't translate into real life. It's a shame, because each piece in this particular outfit is great on its own, they just weren't meant to come together.

Thankfully, my rubbish outfit didn't spoil the day I had. On Sundays, I quite like to walk Genghis the shiba inu round Coate Water in Swindon. It's a really lovely walk and a great way to fit fresh air and exercise into my weekends. At the moment, it's particularly lovely due to the autumnal colours and scenes everywhere. It has been really mild in my part of the country so far, despite it being mid-November and for that I am very, very grateful. 

I'd also like to think that this terrible outfit is redeemed by my makeup. A month or two ago I finally invested in Arbonne's Brown Liquid eyeliner after enjoying the black one so much and it's not a decision I regret. I think it makes for lovely daytime wear and really enhances the green in my eyes.