Arbonne Christmas Collection 2015

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

Hello everyone! It's that exciting time of year again where I reveal the Arbonne Christmas Collection to you all! Admittedly this collection has actually been available since around October so I am little late but if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll be well aware my blogging habits have been rather sporadic this year. At this point in time it looks like most of the products are still available so I'm taking the better late than never approach. 

This year's collection is much smaller than in previous years as Arbonne has decided to take a simpler, more classic approach to the festive range of products. At first I was a little disappointed to hear it had been downsized and things like the giant Pure Vibrance shampoo and conditioner wouldn't be making a reappearance but as it happens, this smaller collection of products is absolutely gorgeous and very sophisticated. I love the delicate, slightly metallic packaging with gold and green accents, it's absolutely beautiful. I was in absolute awe when I opened the packaging and the products inside don't disappoint either. 

The Pineapple Papaya Gift Set contains a lovely lip balm, shower gel and body lotion in, you guessed it, a pleasant pineapple-papaya scent and taste in the lip balm. I cannot get over how delicious this set is. I've been using the lip balm daily and besides tasting great, it really smooths over my lips and makes them feel soft and hydrated.

Of all this year's Festive products, this was the one I was most excited about. This little Lip Therapy Set contains a lip salve and lip smoother. I've adored the Lush lip scrubs for years and I've been secretly wishing Arbonne would release one and now my wish has been granted! I didn't think anything could smell and taste nicer than the Pineapple Papaya lip balm but this does. It's so amazing

The amazing Arbonne Baby Care set in cute miniature sizes. The perfect gift for someone who is expecting or already has a newborn. These products are super, super gentle and great for young children. Even if you're not a mummy, the Nappy Cream is one of my must have products. Other people swear by it for a number of reasons but my personal favourite use is for blisters on my feet. It soothes broken skin on my feet and heals it up in no time. Fantastic! 

This is an old Arbonne Christmas favourite and I was super glad to see the foot scrub in particular has decided to show up again this year. The minty scent is very seasonally appropriate and there are few treats on this earth that I appreciate more than a good foot scrub.

Another repeat from last year's collection. This will take pride of place in my bathroom so both me and any guests I might have can have minty fresh hands.

These are released every year in different scents and this year's don't disappoint. This is a truly nourishing hand cream, a real treat for your hands. 

Every year my favourite part of the Arbonne Christmas Collection is the limited edition makeup. I will be doing a full post about these products, so watch this space. 

Another product I was particularly excited about this year. So many Festive gift sets fail to include shower gel in favour of body lotion. I rarely use body lotion and use shower gel 1/2 times a day. So, this gift set is something I will actually enjoy and get the full use of. All the scents are gorgeous and I can't wait to use them properly. If they're anything like other Arbonne shower gels, they will leave skin feeling and smelling great.

So there we have it, the Arbonne 2015 Holiday Collection. What has been your favourite Christmas Collection this year?