My ICEBAR London Experience - #BloggersBelowZero

A few months back, I signed up to the LDN Meetup Mailing List in the hopes that I could start attending more blog events on a regular basis. For a while, nothing came up that I could actually attend, but one day, a very exciting email landed in my inbox. A group of bloggers had the chance to head to the ICEBAR in London for a night of networking and cocktails in what is perhaps the most unique bar in London. With it being in January, I figured it was the perfect way to kickstart my blogging year and start saying "yes" to things that make me a little bit uncomfortable and a little bit excited!

Last Monday the time had finally arrived and it was time to hop on the London train and make my way down to the ICEBAR. It's conveniently located between Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tube stations so it'd be a great location to hit after a great day of shopping. Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by the door staff, who handed me a little wristband that would determine my slot in the actual ICEBAR itself and an "ICEBAR Icebreaker" question on a slip of paper. My challenge for the night was to find someone who was Welsh. Spoiler alert: I failed! 

After dropping my coat off in the free cloakroom, I headed to the bar and was presented with a "Suicide Blonde" cocktail containing vodka, prosecco, lime and elderflower. It was not at all like something I would usually choose but it sure was delicious and went down very nicely. After hovering around awkwardly in true Emily fashion for a few minutes, the lovely Sam invited me over to come chat with her and a group of other bloggers including Emily, Jade and Dani. We bloggers were left to socialise and chat to each other for a bit, all while being treated to further drinks and delicious little canapes. 

After we'd had ample time to get to know each other, we were invited into a nice spacious room with lots of seats where Tom, the ICEBAR's head of marketing, gave us a great chat all about the bar. What I liked best about this was his passion for bloggers. He had true respect for what we do and he received some well deserved applause for this. It was a pleasure meeting him! We were also treated to a chat with Molly from Phoenix magazine, a really beautiful publication.

At last, it was time to head into the actual ICE bar part of the ICEBAR. Just before entering, we were given nice insulated capes with fur lined hoods and gloves attached. I was super impressed by these - I'd been fussing about what to wear for weeks before and had opted for a sleeveless dress in the end. Despite this, I didn't really feel the cold at all! Those capes are good. In the ICEBAR, which contains amazing ice sculptures carved into ice imported all the way from Sweden, we were generously gifted another cocktail, this time served in a glass made from, you guessed it, ice! I opted for the Whole Lotta Rosie, containing Four Roses Bourbon, Cherry Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and Angostura Bitter and I have no regrets, it was seriously one of the nicest things I have ever drunk.

Each year, the ICEBAR changes themes and at the time of our visit, the theme was London Rocks. This meant the bar was full of rock n roll related designs and giant ice skulls while great rock classics were played. Even the cocktails had that rock n roll theme and I really loved it.

With prices starting at just £13.50 including your first ice cocktail, this is a seriously well priced attraction in the heart of London. I'm truly grateful for my experience here and I had a fabulous night. Many thanks to Lauren and the ICEBAR for organising this fantastic evening, I can't wait to go back! 

Have you ever been to ICEBAR London?

The following photographs were kindly provided by RDA Images. My experience at ICEBAR London was provided completely free of charge in return for a review, but all my thoughts and feelings are honest and mine, as usual!