A few weeks ago, a lovely email from Blogger Events UK popped into my inbox inviting me to their event in Basingstoke. With Basingstoke being a short bus journey away from the office, I decided attending the event would be the perfect after work treat. So, I finished work on 29th March and hopped on the bus to make my way to Zizzi's.

Initially the event was scheduled to be held at Ask Italian, but unfortunately, on the morning of the event, a pipe burst rendering the venue unusable. Despite the incredibly short notice, Zizzi Basingstoke agreed to host the event instead. Well done to Isla and Amelia for getting that sorted out so quickly!

Upon arrival at Zizzi's, I decided I wasn't in the mood for alcohol, but did want something fancy to drink, so I opted for the Strawberry and Cucumber Cooler. Food wise, I went for the classic carbonara. It's safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The drink satisfied my need for a "cocktail" and tasted lovely and fruity. Meanwhile, the carbonora was absolutely delicious - full of flavour and the crispy ham on top was the perfect finishing touch.

After we'd all had a good natter, getting to know each other and eaten our food, we all gathered round to hear from two lovely ladies from Body Shop at Home: Catherine and Jo. It was great to hear these two speak about their experiences in network marketing. Although I'm not as involved with my own network marketing business as I used to be, I still think it's a brilliant opportunity for many people and I adore hearing people who are so passionate about what they do and the products they sell. The Body Shop isn't a brand I explore often, but it's safe to say I am a lot more interested in it now than I was before the event.

Dinner was followed by a lovely hand massage with the Body Shop Body Butter in Honeymania. I must admit, choosing which butter I wanted was a huge task, but I'm glad I settled on the honey one as it smelt gorgeous and isn't something I would typically go for. During the massage, I had chance to explain that I am currently between primers and so I had the Body Shop Instablur primer demonstrated to me. It's actually very similar in texture to the Arbonne one, so now I really want to give it a try.

After we'd all been treated to hand massages, it was time for the raffle! The raffle was in support of two great causes: the WWF and a charity event that Isla and Amelia's sister is taking part in over the summer. I was lucky enough to pick up two prizes: a Boxcitement box and a lovely mason jar style cup filled with different flavour Tetley teas.

The attendees also received an incredibly generous goodie bag literally filled to the brim with exciting bits and pieces. I was particularly delighted to see some facemasks and blogging planners in there.

I had a great evening the Basingstoke Blog Events UK meetup and I can't wait for the next one!