Since 2013, each year, I have given myself a "Word of the Year" in a bid to set my intentions for the year and outline my overall focus for the next 12 months. It was an idea I first came across in Leonie Dawson's Shining Workbooks, but it seems the idea of having one word for the year is one that has gained traction elsewhere. I've seen a few people blog about their word for 2016 now and I thought I'd add my own into the mix.

When setting goals, when making decisions, when planning my year, I will come back to my word of the year and ensure everything I do ties back in with my Word of the Year in order to ensure I have the kind of year I desire.

So what is my word?

My word is: ME. 

After much deliberation, I finally settled on what is most important to me this year, and that is myself. As mentioned in my first blog post of 2016, it's my current mission to work out who Emily Jane Garthwaite really is, so what could be more perfect than this for my word of the year?

Me me me me me. 

My intentions this year include: 
  • Figuring out who I am as a person; am I really the lazy, tired, uninspired, demotivated, stupid and boring girl I've felt like for the past few months?
  • Learning to be comfortable single. I've been in a relationship most of my adult life so it is interesting watching myself adapt to being an adult on my own. I didn't realise how much being in a relationship had held me back in so many areas of my life until I lost my relationship and already I'm growing. I feel like a much more whole person and my life feels comfortably full. I want to continue to develop this feeling. 
  • Really up my self care game. I don't look after myself very well at all and it's really beginning to show. Some days this will mean kicking myself up the bum and forcing myself to eat healthy meals and get the gym. Some days this will mean taking a day out to curl up in bed with a good book and ignoring the world.
  • It's all about finding out what's best for me. I'm being selfish from now on - unless the decisions I made are directly harmful to another human being - then I am aiming to only make decisions based on me, without taking into account everyone else's opinion. 
  • I want to become the best version of myself. My wording here is very important. For years I have been obsessed with perfection and have developed a very "all or nothing attitude." For example, I have to be healthy all the time or there's no point - you know, that kind of thinking. I've recently realised how bad this mindset is and I am have decided to let it go. I'm never going to be perfect, never going to be a superhero. However, this doesn't mean I don't want to work on myself. I fully intend to dive down deep into my personal development and self improvement journey this year, but drop the expectation that changes will be permanent, instaneous and I will never fall back! 
How will I incorporate my Word of the Year into my day-to-day life?
  • Upon waking up, I will pay attention to how I feel - is it a day where I'd benefit from pushing myself or do I need to be more gentle with myself today?
  • When I'm getting dressed, when I'm doing my makeup, I will ask "is this me? Do I feel like me? How does this make me feel?" - any negative answers and I'll change. I want to feel comfortable and confident in myself this year. 
  • When I'm making decisions I will take the time to consider if it's me making the decision, or me being influenced by the opinions of others 
  • Similarly, when I am writing down my goals and working towards achieving them, I will constantly consider whether they are my goals, or just goals I feel like I should have 
  • Questions applicable to everything: Is this good for me? How does this benefit me? How will this make me feel? Is this best for me? Will this move me forward?
Do you set a Word of the Year? If you've blogged about it, I'd love to read your posts.