What to expect from The Glitter Vixen in 2016...in April?!

Hello everyone. It's April, Spring is finally here and "new year, new me" posts have disappeared from the blogosphere. Or have they? Despite it being April, this is actually only my third post this year, that doesn't even average out at one post a month! After my last post in February, I half consciously, half not, decided to take a big blogging break until I could resume control of my life again and get really clear about what I want my little space on the internet to actually be. I had wanted to return at the end of February after attending the amazing Blognix Retreat event; however, I also didn't want to do a half-hearted return and disappear back into the void again. So, instead of trying to rush myself, I took the time I needed, and here I am today. 

Where am I at in my personal life? 

If you read my first post of 2016, then you will be aware that at the end of 2015, I broke up with my boyfriend and I was feeling a little bit stuck, a little bit lost and a little bit sad. While I'm still coming to terms with the fact that a relationship that I gave so much of myself to is now over, I am feeling much more comfortable with the situation now and am actually really enjoying being single. I did dabble in dating for a short while, but it just solidified for me that being single is really what I need to do right now and quite frankly, dating was taking my attention away from the things I actually wanted to be spending my time on. That being said, my love life is not the main reason I had to take a step back from blogging!

Without going into the full story, I have ended up in a bit of a pickle at work. Despite living in Swindon, I actually work in a small village just outside of Reading. It's about an hour's drive away, which was fine when my colleague used to drive me. Unfortunately, my colleague got a new job, and I was left stranded. I haven't yet managed to pass my driving test, so I have to take public transport to work now. It takes me two and a half hours to travel to and from work. I leave the house at 6am and don't get in until after 8pm. Not only is this so expensive it makes me sick, but it's pretty damn tiring and on the days where I go to the office, I genuinely have no energy to do anything besides travel to and from work and do my job. I don't even eat when I get home, I just go to sleep!

Of course, the obvious solution would be to move closer to work! However, even before I landed in this ridiculous situation, I was seriously struggling financially and having to fork out hundreds of extra pounds a month for travel to work has hardly helped the situation. Moving house was just too expensive an endeavour for me at the time. I've been trapped in a vicious cycle.

Thankfully, I have now been handed an escape rope and I'm taking a day off work next week to a view a few properties in Reading. Once I've settled into my new home and new routine, my life will become a lot more organised again and I will have a lot more time to dedicate to this blog!
So what does this mean for The Glitter Vixen?

It has taken me a long while, but I am finally adapting to a life that includes five hours travelling a day. While things aren't perfect, I've finally taken enough control of my life again to fit blogging back into it, but it means I'll have to make some adjustments to the content I produce.

Until I have better facilities and more time, outfit posts will have to go on hold. I currently have very little space in which to take quality photos and I also lack the time to take the photos. I will also have to hold off on product reviews that require photos of the product in use as well for this reason. In the meantime, I intend to replace outfit posts and beauty reviews with more generalised fashion and beauty content, such as style and beauty wishlists.

I intend to broaden the topics I write about to include the books I read, the TV I watch and to talk more in depth about my self improvement journey, including both my triumphs and my struggles along the way.

Over time, as I move back closer to work and fall back into a more regular routine again, I want to start producing outfit posts and beauty reviews again. I want to add more travel posts to my blog and also dabble a bit into the food blogging world. 

My intention is to turn The Glitter Vixen into an accurate representation of me and my life in a way that helps other young women at similar points in their lives. My topics will include style, beauty, health and wellbeing, personal development, food, TV and books. I'm not interested in being a professional blogger with glossy content. I want to emphasise that I'm very much a "normal" girl - I work full time, I have likes, dislikes, flaws and I'm working to be a better version of myself - not a superhero or impossibly perfect young woman!

I'm hoping my blog will begin to reflect this over the coming year.