Well, it's here. My birthday has arrived. As I have now been around on this planet for 25 years, I thought I'd share 25 lessons learnt in my 25 years of living.  

1) Most things happen for a reason - dropping your pen and losing it under your desk doesn't really happen for a reason - but that terrible disaster you recently experienced? There's something behind that

2) You can't choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react to it

3) Bad things inevitably happen, but so do good things. You can't have one without the other

4) Romantic relationships are not worth the heartache they cause, but that doesn't stop it hurting any less

5) Don't ever underestimate the influence food has over both your physical and mental wellbeing

6) Life's way too short to deprive yourself of delicious food in order to try and look a certain way

7) Life is a journey. Everything's fluid. You'll never arrive. Your personality, your goals, your sense of self, everything - it's all in motion and you'll never be a "finished product" 

8) You'll never find yourself if you're constantly looking at another person. Be single. Figure out who you are on your own. Don't depend on someone else to complete you

9) It really is worth finding out where you limits are with alcohol and then STICKING TO THOSE LIMITS

10) When they're teaching you about addiction in school and say don't even TRY smoking, they bloody well mean it

11) You don't have to do what everyone else is doing

12) It can be really scary to ignore the advice of others, but it is so freeing not only knowing what's best for you, but doing what's best for you

13) You don't need to go to university to get a good job

14) Living alone is THE BEST

15) You'll drift away from your friends and well, let's be honest, it sucks   

16) Acne is sadly not a just a teenager problem

17) Always try your best to not let fear be the main driver in your life 

18) If you're constantly setting the same goals over and over without achieving them, you need to ask yourself if this is what you really want 

19) Having a job really isn't as horrible or scary as you thought it would be 

21) When you think about the past, your brain has a habit of forcing you to view everything through rose tinted lenses - try not to fall into the trap of romanticising the past too much - it was never perfect 

22) Birthdays sadly do lose their magic as you get older 

23) Attacking people for poor grammar and punctuation isn't really cool 

24) Sometimes you have to ignore what's going on in the world for the sake of your own mental health - don't feel bad about it 

25) With each mistake comes a lesson and you will repeat that mistake until you learn the lesson
What lessons have you learnt in your time on earth?