Something horrible is happening tomorrow. Something I have been dreading for a very long time. An event that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

It is my 25th birthday. The dreaded quarter century. 

To "celebrate" the fact that I definitely can no longer get away with saying I'm in my "early 20s" anymore, I'm having a posting session for the next few days of things all related to me and my 25th birthday.

Today, I thought I'd share 25 of the regular thoughts I've been having on the run up to my quarter century anniversary of birth...

1) I'm too young to be this old!
I certainly don't feel 25. More like 19. Surely this isn't how 25 year olds are meant to feel?

2) What do you mean it's 10 years ago since I was 15?
I was looking at pictures of my 15th birthday party the other day. I'm pretty sure it was only two minutes go since we were bashing poor Charlie the pinata apart in my conservatory. 

3) If I'm nearly 25 that means my sisters must be 21, 19 and 5...WHAT THE HELL
I remember the birth of my sisters. I can just about cope with the youngest one being five but the fact that I can remember the birth of my first sister that was two decades ago shouldn't be possible. I'm way too young to remember things that happened that long ago. 

4) Thank god I've already been inducted into the smear test process 
In England, if you have a cervix, with your 25th birthday comes a nice little letter inviting you for your first cervical screening. In Wales however, they start doing this when you're 20 and I was living in Wales when I was 20. One less thing to worry about at least, been there, done that!

5) Why don't I want babies yet?
I always imagined by now I'd be desperate to start having children. However, the more time that passes, the more I realise I really don't actually want children.

6) OH MY GOD when my mum was this age she not only had me but she was pregnant with my brother!
While I know I don't want children (certainly not YET anyway), it feels very weird to think my mum was married, had me and had another kid on the way at this age.

7) Should I be concerned I'm not married yet, or even engaged, or EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP?
Not gonna lie, even as early as just last year, I thought that perhaps, an engagement might be on the horizon for me. Obviously that relationship didn't work out for me and now I'm firmly in the MEN STAY AWAY FROM ME camp. Does this mean I am single for life?!

8) I want a massive party, no I don't, I want a quiet get together with friends, actually I don't want to mark this occasion at all, hang on I think I'll have a party
My birthday is TOMORROW and I still don't know whether I'm doing anything to celebrate or not...

9)  Am I too old to be playing games like Star Stable?
Nah definitely not.

10) Am I too old to be reading books that are firmly in the "Young Adult" category?

11) Do I need a pension?
I am practically old enough to retire now.

12) If I graduated when I was 21, where have the last four years of my life gone?
Seriously? What have I actually achieved since I finished university?

13)  Where's that infographic about people who made it big late in life?
I need constant reminders that it's not "too late" to achieve anything decent!

14) Deep down I know I am still very young in the grand scheme of things, but I am still going to act like turning 25 is the worst thing to ever happen to me
To be honest I haven't really recovered from no longer being a teenager.

15) Am I seriously at an age where I am actually older than some of the musicians I like?
What do you mean Lorde is only NINETEEN?

16) I've been alive for quarter of a century and I've only been to two continents!
How have I lived this long without setting foot in Asia or Africa? I need to go on holiday.

17) How am I ever going to top my 23rd birthday? That must have been my peak.
How many of you can say your favourite singer sang you a personal, acoustic rendition of Happy Birthday on your 23rd? Yeah, didn't think so.

18) Whoa, I've been able to legally drink alcohol for seven years
You'd think the novelty would have worn off by now, but actually, I'm still so smug when I get asked for ID and get to see the look on their faces when they realise I am indeed more than old enough to be buying a bottle of wine on a Wednesday night.

19) What do you mean people my age don't get presents for their birthday?
What a load of bull!

20) Can I retire yet?
I've been part of the world of employment for 10 years now. That's quite enough.

21) Why do I still have acne?
I was led to believe this was a teenage thing.

22) Why do I have exactly the same hair cut as I did 10 years ago?
Seriously, the only difference is my hair is my natural colour now, rather than dyed jet black.

23) Am I really just going to dread every single birthday from now on?
What the hell is 30 going to feel like?

24) Am I ever going to grow out of expecting to be treated like royalty on my birthday?
Currently in a mood because people won't drop everything/ignore their crappy financial situation to spend my birthday with me...!

25) I need a drink
OK, maybe I feel like this everyday...