Long time readers of this blog will know that I'm a big fan of X Before X Lists. I used to do one each year on my birthday, before realising that they were slightly ambitious now I'm getting further into my 20s. Instead, on my 23rd birthday, I made the decision to write a 25 Before 25 list instead of 24 Before 24, giving myself 2 years to complete the goals.

It started off well, I ticked a handful of items off the list and gave a little update on my progress and then, I just stopped. I removed the link to my 25 Before 25 list from my navigation and never mentioned the damn thing again...until now.

You see, I wrote those goals for the sake of having content for the blog. A lot of them didn't even resonate with me as I wrote them, nevermind now. So, I shoved them to the back of my mind and focused my attention elsewhere. Today though, I want to have a look through them and see where I was going wrong before I turn my attentions to a 30 Before 30 list!

1) Pass my driving test - INCOMPLETE
I honestly made such a good go of this. I re-passed my theory test in November. In January, my instructor told me I was ready to take my practical test and I needed to book it. Unfortunately, this idea scared the life out of me and I suddenly decided to turn my attentions, and finances, towards moving myself to Reading instead. Must try harder.

2) Go to a theme park and actually go on the rides - DIDN'T HAPPEN
This is on my list every bloody year. Note to self: make friends with some thrill seekers.

3) Read two books a month - YES I DID SOMETHING
If Goodreads is anything to go by, I am currently averaging one book a week, so I'd say I was definitely successful in this one.

4) Go a day without the Internet and my phone - OMG I MANAGED ANOTHER
Not by choice though. I went on holiday to Aberystwyth for my 24th birthday. There was no signal in the campsite I stayed at, so I just decided to forgo using my phone and the Internet for the few days I was there.

As my 25th birthday got closer, I really didn't think this one was going to happen. Then I got whisked away to France in March...!

6) Watch a horror movie every day in October - NOPE
Why was this even a goal Emily, really? My interest in horror just isn't there anymore.

7) Write (at least) weekly gratitude lists - NAH
I made a good start, but soon got bored. I still think gratitude is important but I suspect I only wanted to do this so I could publicly brag about the great things happening in my life because the gratitude lists I did write all went on Tumblr.   

8) Complete the Blogilates beginniner calendar and follow it up with a monthly one - LOL
I think it's safe to say exercise took a backseat in my life in the past two years. 

9) Start roller derby again and pass my minimum skills - SAD TIMES
My attendance was shoddy and then I moved to a town with no roller derby team...

10) Visit Bounce Below
I wrote about this here, I'm so glad I managed to tick this one off. 

11) Quit smoking
I don't know what to say about this one. I started smoking again in December when my relationship ended after having around six months off. I then stopped again at the end of February this year. Recently my cravings have been back with a vengeance but I have yet to cave. So yes, at the minute I am a non-smoker but reluctant to say this status is permanent. 

12) Visit Scotland
Sorry brother! Maybe I'll get to visit the country my brother lives in before I die. Maybe. 

13) Redesign my blog
I did this one MULTIPLE times! 

14) Write an eBook
Here ladies and gentlemen, is an example of a goal I set for the sake of setting goals. No wonder I didn't complete it! 

15) Hit 500 BlogLovin Followers
I'm actually really sad I didn't manage this one. My blog has been rubbish since 2014 though so I'm not surprised. Hoping the second half of 2016 will see me turn this around. 

16) Book myself a professional massage
Lack of money it seems is behind the reason so many of goals fail! Will do this one day. ONE DAY.
17) Watch a sunrise
Emily, you HATE getting out of bed, why did you set this stupid goal?

18) Watch a sunset  
If I'm gonna watch anything, it will be TV. 

19) Get my nails done professionally
 Excellent, another goal I have succeeded in multiple times. I surprise myself every day.

20) Hit Regional Vice President in Arbonne
This is honestly the most stupid goal I set myself. I can't even be bothered to waste my time expanding on why it was stupid.

21) Get my tattoo touched up   
Although I have yet to let anyone near my with a needle and ink since the only time I've let that happen, I have found an artist I am desperate to sort my little elephants out for me. Watch this space...

I DID THIS ONE I DID THIS ONE I CAN'T BELIEVE I MANAGED THIS ONE. See goal number five - I totally did not expect to get abroad before my 25th birthday. However, in March, I unexpectedly and very, very secretly went to Paris for the weekend. While I was there, I didn't even think of my 25 Before 25 list...until I noticed the gorgeous little shop with gorgeous little macarons in the window was Laduree. I spent 20 euros on Macarons even though I was £900 into my overdraft at the time. NO REGRETS. 

23) Stop biting my nails  
This was going unexpectedly well. Until yesterday. Old habits die hard.

24) See Lana del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds/Lorde
 I managed Marina twice. And as it turns out, Marina is more than enough. 

25) Stay out until the club lights come on  
I regretted this one as soon as I wrote it seeing as I hadn't been to a club in years when I wrote it. Then one Friday night I was out having fun as you do, when I realised the music had stopped, the lights were on and whoa, I'd actually done this goal.

All in all, there's nine out of 25 green items on here, which is more than I realised I'd done. What I've learnt from this exercise is that if you really want something, it will materialise out of nowhere, like my Paris trip did, and if you don't - well, you'll find better things to do with your time and laugh at your goals when you come back to them.

Stay tuned for my 30 Before 30 list...!