Whilst August was a great month for reading for me, it wasn't so great for TV. I finished one series that left a huge hole in my life and I watched another that just didn't live up to the hype...

The Sopranos

The Sopranos follows the life of mafia boss Tony Soprano - exploring his relationships with 'colleagues' and the impact his chosen line of work has on his family. 
I started watching The Sopranos in April. My dad, amongst other people, had been urging me to watch it for years, so imagine my delight when I noticed it was on NowTV after I started subscribing so I could watch Game of Thrones. I fell in love with this series and I am so sad now that I've finished. I could honestly write a whole blog post/love letter to it. The ending was truly something else - I actually had to rewind and watch it five times, then Google the damn thing, because I thought my TV had broken! It has been a month now since I finished and I still miss it.

Stranger Things

When a little kid goes missing, his friends decide to investigate. Creepy things then start happening...
The one good thing about finishing The Sopranos was that I could finally turn my attention to the very hyped up Stranger Things. The only problem? I didn't even like it. Don't get me wrong, the acting, particularly that of the children, was bloody incredible but I actually found myself quite bored during the short 8 episodes. I didn't think the storyline was that compelling, I don't understand why everyone is mad about Barb and it wasn't even remotely scary. Sorry, not sorry, but this was a disappointment for me.


A series following the life of Viking legend Ragnor Lothbrook. 

I started watching Vikings last year, but unfortunately never got round to watching season four because my Amazon Prime subscription ended. Last month, I errr, "accidentally" hit renew on my Prime subscription and to make use of this, I decided it was finally time to catch up on this show. Unfortunately, the fourth series wasn't as engaging as the first three, and there are certain things left unanswered that are now driving me mad.

Have you watched any decent TV recently?