Surprisingly, I've been watching films recently. Generally, I only watch films if I'm with someone else or going to the cinema, I do not seek them out as something to do in my free time. However, with the Halloween season approaching, I tend to want to watch some spooky-themed films and I am also reluctant to get sucked into binge watching TV at the moment as I am trying to be a bit more productive than I have been the past few months. So, here's what I've been allowing on my screen recently.

Jonathan Creek
Jonathan Creek earns a living creating illusions for a magician. He also helps solve baffling crimes. 

I love Jonathan Creek, it has been my slightly shameful pleasure for years. He's helped me through many a bad bout of insomnia. Exactly why this TV show starring Alan Davies was my choice during sleepless nights, I'll never know, it's just one of those things. Anyway, last month I decided to give all the episodes a rewatch as I noticed Netflix now carries the more recent episodes. Sadly, I still think the best ones are the ones with Caroline Quentin is - she was ace. That being said, Sheridan Smith's episodes aren't bad either.  

The 100 
It's nearly 100 years since a nuclear war made Planet Earth uninhabitable for humans. The survivors of the war all live on a space station but oxygen supplies are running out. All crimes - no matter how small - are punishable by death unless the defendant is under 18. The 100 begins when 100 child criminals are sent back to earth to see if the radiation has died down yet. 

I actually watched season one of The 100 last year. After renewing my Amazon Prime subscription recently, I noticed that season 2 was finally available so I gave it a watch. It's because of The 100 that I haven't actually started a new series since as I spent an entire weekend watching this and not doing much else. For something that I suspect is aimed at watchers much younger than me, there were some surprisingly harrowing scenes during this show and it was a really good series. I just wish I hadn't seen the season 3 spoilers I've seen!

From Dusk Till Dawn FILM
September saw the return of the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series and so I thought I'd give the film a rewatch to compare the two and see where it all began. For those that aren't in the know, it's a vampire film starring none other than George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Juliette Lewis. It's incredibly cheesy and it's all a bit too easy but it's a genuinely enjoyable watch.

The Conjuring
A film based on the work of two real life demonologists. 

I've been wanting to see this film for ages after falling in love with Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel. The other day I was really in the mood for a horror movie and I noticed this had made its way to Amazon Prime so I gave it a watch. It was an alright film, but I was disappointed because it was nowhere near as scary as I thought it was going to be (it wasn't scary at all, I didn't even jump) and the ending was an anticlimax.

Insidious III
After The Conjuring, I was still in the mood for a horror film so I thought I'd give the latest instalment in the Insidious franchise a go. Unfortunately another really boring, non jumpy "horror" film. I liked the first two in this series but perhaps it should have ended there.

What have you been watching recently?