Another month has been and gone, can you believe it? Since moving to Reading in April, 2016 seems to have flown by so past. I feel like I will blink and be writing my what I watched in October 2017 next! October was an interesting month for film and TV for me. I had intended to watch more Halloween/spooky/horror films than I did, but I still gave it a good go.

The Craft 
A new girl falls in with a coven of witches at her new school.

I first watched The Craft in October a few years ago and it was an instant hit with me and I vowed to make it part of my October tradition. Although I love this film, I see a lot of people praising it on Twitter as a feminist movie, or calling Nancy, Bonnie, Rochelle and Sarah the "ultimate girl gang." Personally I have to disagree with this - I think the way Sarah is treated by her coven is despicable and not at all friendly. Feminism is about raising other women up and this doesn't happen in this film. Miniature rant aside though, this film is a Halloween must watch.

February/The Blackcoat's Daughter 
After their parents fail to pick them up, two schoolgirls must spend their Winter Break at their boarding school, but they are haunted by an evil presence. 

I decided to watch this film simply because Emma Roberts was in it and annoyingly, she doesn't actually show up until you're a good while into the film. Unlike everything else I've ever seen with Emma in it, I did not enjoy this film. It was incredibly slow moving, I did not feel any dread or horror and I was, well, bored throughout. The ending/twist was super confusing and even when I settled on a decision on what I think happened, I still didn't think it was that good. Admittedly the film was beautifully shot but yeah, it wasn't what I was expecting and wasn't for me.

The Curse of Downer's Grove 
Each year, a senior at the high school in Downer's Grove dies in a seemingly untypical fashion. Who will it be this year?

I watched this film on the same night as February and thankfully, I found this one a lot more gripping although it really wasn't the type of film I was expecting. I can't really say too much without spoiling it, but I genuinely wasn't expecting the ending and it actually made me quite sad!

From Dusk Till Dawn 2 
The sequel to the George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino vampire film From Dusk Till Dawn

The first From Dusk Till Dawn film is so bad it's good. The second is so bad, it's bad. I was bored, it wasn't funny and the best thing about it was that Tuco from Breaking Bad is in it. I have nothing else positive to say about it.  

From Dusk Till Dawn 3 
The final film in the series

Despite the disappointment that was the second film in this franchise, I still felt like I had to watch the third film, especially because the plot - a criminal is saved from hanging at the last second and takes the hangman's daughter with him - sounded a lot more engaging. It certainly wasn't a great film but the ending was satisfying.

A post apocalyptic society is divided into strict factions to keep the peace - but what happens when you don't fit into a faction?

I've been meaning to read and watch the Divergent series for ages but just never managed to get round to it. Luckily for me, it was on TV while we were having a movie night in Center Parcs so I finally got round to it. For some reason Shailene Woodley makes me cringe, but other than that, this film is right up my street and literally the first thing I did when I got home from my holiday was watch Insurgent! 

See above! Now eagerly awaiting Allegiant becoming included in Amazon Prime. 

Marco Polo - Season 2 
This TV series follows famous adventurer Marco Polo and his time in the turbulent court of Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan. 

After seriously enjoying season one of this fantastic TV show, I decided it was about time I sat down and watched season 2 as it has been available for ages now. I found it was a little slow to get going but by the last episode I was practically falling off the edge of my bed. Benedict Wong's performance as Kublai is full on amazing, but I think Joan Chen as Empress Chabi really shined this season. I also watched Marco Polo: 1000 Eyes which explains the monk's origin story too and that was 28 minutes of brilliance as well. Really recommend this show.

In November, I will be continuing with Scream Queens (!!!!! YAY !!!) and The Apprentice. American Horror Story Hotel is now on Netflix and season three of Sleepy Hollow has made it to Amazon Prime now so I imagine that's my watchlist this month.