In April 2016, I sat down and published a post about "What To Expect From The Glitter Vixen in 2016." The fact that this didn't occur until the fourth month of the year says it all really. It was a bit vague, a bit wishy washy and well, I barely blogged at all, nevermind about the things I said I was going to blog about. Now it's 2017, I am feeling much more motivated to start blogging again and my life is a lot more stable so it's likely I'll actually find time to fit this blog into my life as well. I'm still a little unclear on what my grand vision for The Glitter Vixen actually is, but while I refine that, here's what I'm hoping to include on the blog this year:

Outfit photos: It has been a while since I posted any outfit photos because I have been seriously lacking in a willing photographer or decent place to take them myself. Over the Christmas period, I managed to get a few sets of photos while staying with my mum, so I can definitely post some outfits for a few weeks. I think I've now found somewhere secluded but pretty enough to take outfit photos in Reading, so this is hopefully something I can continue with once I run out of my current sets.

Product Reviews 
Face of the Day/Makeup of the Day/Nails of the Day

Life in Reading: I've committed to staying in Reading until at least October, so I want to start a series about my life here: my favourite places to eat, drink, visit etc.
Days out 
Blog events 
Monthly roundup up of books read and TV shows watched 
Goals and updates 
Overnight trips in the UK
At least one trip abroad: photo diary and what to do guide  

My journey towards minimising dairy and meat in my diet
The effects of minimising dairy and meat on my wellbeing 
Tips for maximising mental wellbeing 
My own health and wellbeing journey 

My semi regular opinion column: Hoping to cover topics such as current events, feminism, issues my generation faces, thoughts on the blogging community and whatever pops into my head! 

I've been toying with the idea of launching a weekly newsletter for my blog for some time now and I think 2017 is the time I will finally get round to doing it. The idea is people will sign up for my list and each week I'll send them a little note. It's likely to be a bit more personal and insightful into my own life than anything I am comfortable putting on my blog for the world to see. 

My current intention is to post from Monday-Friday, but being able to do this will depend on me being highly organised, batch writing and scheduling posts in advance. We'll see what happens.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see me blog about this year, please let me know!