What I've Watched So Far in 2017

Although it's still early days in 2017, I've managed to cram in a lot of TV time this year already. In today's post I thought I'd share what I've been watching and how I feel about each show.

What I've Read So Far In 2017

Although 2017 is still a relatively young year, I've still somehow managed to fall behind on my 2017 reading goal. I want to read 52 books this year - an average of one a week - and although it feels like I've been doing a large amount of reading, I'm just not hitting my targets. I've got a holiday planned in April though, the perfect opportunity to catch up!

Here's what I've managed so far...

A Trip to Wentworth Castle

For Mother's Day weekend, I took a trip up to Wakefield to spend time with my mum and family. The weather was surprisingly beautiful all weekend, so we decided a nice day out was on the cards. Our destination was Wentworth Castle, just a short drive away from Wakefield in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

V05 Smoothly Does Heat Protection Serum

Despite being a beauty blogger for a number of years now, I am absolutely useless with my hair. I don't know how to style it and for the past few years, all I ever did to it was either let it dry naturally or occasionally I'd blow dry it and then just leave it. In more recent months, I was fed up of my hair looking like a bird's nest all the time, so I decided to start straightening it after every wash. This of course, meant I needed a good heat protection. Traditionally I've used sprays, but I wanted a serum this time round to really eliminate any frizz and try and calm my flyaway hair.

Sparkly Midi Skirt

As promised, here is my first 2017 OOTD that doesn't feature my beloved bomber jacket.It does however, feature my frequently worn grey New Look boots and the fur coat I mentioned in this outfit post. I guess I'm just happy to have a pair of heels that are relatively comfy!

How To Digitally Declutter

Last week, I shared the benefits of digital decluttering. Now that you know why you should keep your digital life clutter free, I thought I'd share how to keep it clutter free. Decluttering, whether it's in real life or digitally, can be a daunting task, so here are some steps to take to help you get started.

The Benefits of Digital Decluttering

We all know that living in a clutter free home can have a great impact on our mental health and that working in a clutter free environment can have a great impact on our productivity levels - but what about keeping our digital environment free from clutter? These days, most of us are glued to our phones, tablets, laptop screens - but how many of us gain genuine value from our time spent staring at screens? I try to keep both my real life and digital life tidy and organised, and here is why.

Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar [PRODUCT REVIEW]

A few months back, I'd run out of shampoo so wandered into Lush to pick up some Rehab shampoo because my hair was in need of some TLC at the time. While in there, I got chatting to a very friendly sales assistant who talked me through the different options available for someone with fine, dry and damaged hair. In the end, I decided against a repurchase of Rehab and opted for the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar instead.

Shell Pink Bomber Jacket

I've finally got round to doing outfit posts again, just to realise my first two posts are alarmingly similar to each other, oops! This shell pink bomber jacket, my beloved grey jeans and cute little grey boots have already featured on the blog very recently, but what can I say? When you find a style that works for you, you just run with it.

My Favourite Android Apps for Organisation

Juggling a full time job, a blog, social life, self care and other commitments can be tough work. Good organisation skills are essential to do this successfully and our phones can be the most useful tool to help us do this. There are so many apps out there that can help you pull yourself together, and here are my favourites. As someone who doesn't own an iPhone, this post is focused on Android apps, but I'm pretty sure these are all available in the Apple Store anyway!

Ditching The Overhaul Attitude

How many times have you said to yourself: Right! That's it, from Monday I'm...[Insert Extreme, Unobtainable Goal Here]

It's the kind of thing I say a lot. I identify that something needs to change in my life and I set myself ridiculous, unachievable goals in order to make that change.

But just how effective is this kind of thinking?

The Vixen Thinks: Is Social Media Really Bad News for Society?

I'm sure we've all been there. We head out for a meal or a drink with a friend and then, rather than spending the night chatting away, they're sat there playing with their phone, often having a conversation with an entirely different person. It's frustrating for sure, and pretty damn rude, but does this mean that social media is bad news?

No, of course not. 

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser [PRODUCT REVIEW]

I used to be a huge fan of E.L.F's brush cleanser spray. Unfortunately, it was a pain getting hold of it because you could only order it online and then for a while, you couldn't get E.L.F in the UK. By the time the brand had come back, the brush cleanser had halved in size but gone up in price.

It was time to find another solution.

A Mild Winter Day

Weather wise, I feel like we were really lucky in late 2016, early 2017. One freezing, wet, miserable day, I panicked and begged my mum to treat me to a huge, fluffy fur coat as an early Christmas present; the coat arrived, and suddenly, I realised I didn't really need the coat! It was just far too warm and bulky for the weather we were experiencing, minus that one freezing, wet, miserable day where I did not own a suitable coat yet.

30 Before 30 Check In

As my 26th birthday creeps closer and closer, I become more and more aware that I have even less time to complete my 30 Before 30 goals. At the time of initially writing my list, five years felt like such a long time but somehow, four years and two months feels like absolutely nothing. Today I thought I'd give a little update on where I'm at with my 30 Before 30 goals - to motivate me as much as anything else!

My 2017 Word of the Year: THINK

Last year, I set "ME" as my word of the year. While this may sound incredibly self indulgent to some, I was motivated to spend 2016 focused on myself as my number one priority after spending years previously making all my decisions based on the opinions of other people. Overall, my 2016 word of the year was a success. I certainly started to live my life with more emphasis on what was best for me and as a result, I feel my life dramatically improved last year. However, it did have its drawbacks. I was very self centred last year, giving little thought towards other people. I noticed some of my relationships were suffering because I was stuck in my own head and forgetting to show any empathy towards other people. I did a few bits for charity towards the end of the year and it felt good to think about other people again. The lesson here is certainly one of balance: while I need to look out for myself as number one, I need to do this without it costing me my relationships with other people and without forgetting there are people in this world with less privilege than myself.