As my 26th birthday creeps closer and closer, I become more and more aware that I have even less time to complete my 30 Before 30 goals. At the time of initially writing my list, five years felt like such a long time but somehow, four years and two months feels like absolutely nothing. Today I thought I'd give a little update on where I'm at with my 30 Before 30 goals - to motivate me as much as anything else!

Pay off my credit card and Very account and cancel them both
I'm so proud to say this is one of the goals I have very nearly completed. My Very account was paid off months ago and I will be making my final credit card payment next month.

Pass my driving test
Unfortunately, this goal is currently on hold. As explained, my surgery means it will be a while before I feel comfortable driving again.

Get a car 
For reasons explained above, this is a goal I will have to put on hold.

Save £5000
I will begin saving after I have paid all my debt off in April and had my birthday in May.

Visit Asia
Because this is quite a large goal, I imagine that this will be one I complete very close to the deadline of my 30th.

Go to somewhere in the USA that isn't New York
I'm considering changing this goal to Africa because I am currently unsure about how supporting the tourism industry in the US works alongside my morals.

Visit somewhere on mainland Europe that I haven't been to before
While I am in the midst of planning a European holiday, it is to somewhere I have been many times before. I still want to do this and feel confident I can manage it before my 30th though!

Go to Versailles
Because it was only last year that I last went to Paris, I am currently aiming for a 2018 visit to make this particular goal happen.

Go abroad alone 
An unfortunate side effect of my being ill is I am now terrified of solo activities. May need a rethink..!

Visit 10 new places in the UK 
I have a mental list of which 10 places I want to visit and I am planning to tick two off, Glasgow and Edinburgh, around my 26th birthday.

Go to Stone Henge
I drove past it on the way to Center Parcs, decided that's all I needed!

Go to the Natural History Museum
I had actually planned to visit the Natural History Museum tomorrow, however, I've decided to wait until later on this year when the blue whale is installed.

Go to a theme park
Again, another thing that now seems horrifying post surgery. Perhaps when I am feeling fully pain free, whenever that may be.

Spend a birthday in Aberystwyth
Not this year but I'm sure I can fit this in for my 27th, 28th or 29th.

Go swimming in the sea
I will manage to tick this off in April, hooray!

Have a professional massage
Bit sick of people touching me after hospital. We'll see.

Read 260 books
In progress.

Sit on the Iron Throne
Needs more research...

Grow my nails until they sit over the end of my finger and keep them like that until at least the day after my 30th birthday
I managed to grow my nails very long during January and February, but unfortunately they all broke because they were so weak. I've currently got acrylics on, which at least stops me biting them.

Try out a high ropes course
Another goal I'm not longer sure about post-illness!

Go camping
This might occur in August, but yep, you guessed it, after my surgery, I am wary about sleeping anywhere other than a real bed.

Go to a fireworks display on Bonfire Night
I missed last year, maybe I'll manage it this year

Attend a Halloween celebration in fancy dress See above!

Take my youngest siblings on a day trip
I will need to pass my driving test and obtain a vehicle first.

Go see a band/artist I haven't seen before 
Going to a gig on Saturday. I've seen the band upwards of 13 times before. So, not quite.

Join a gym I'm updating this goal to "get a monthly membership at the swimming pool" because really, I have no interest in the gym but I don't mind paying to go swimming and it fits in with the real goal here, which is increase my fitness levels.

Complete an Instagram photo challenge
What's Instagram again?

Try horse riding
If I'm honest, I am currently unsure whether I want to carry on with this as a goal.

Go to the theatre
I will try to make this happen this year. Maybe somewhere in the UK I haven't visited yet!

Take up a non-internet based hobby
Does staring at the ceiling while very ill count?

As you can see, I am currently unsure about some of my goals due to my recent illness and surgery. Other goals are dependent on me first completing others. There's only one goal I've actually completed in nearly a year and just a few genuinely in progress! I will have to work a little harder if I'm going to complete this list, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

If you have a 30 Before 30 list, I'd love to read it!