Weather wise, I feel like we were really lucky in late 2016, early 2017. One freezing, wet, miserable day, I panicked and begged my mum to treat me to a huge, fluffy fur coat as an early Christmas present; the coat arrived, and suddenly, I realised I didn't really need the coat! It was just far too warm and bulky for the weather we were experiencing, minus that one freezing, wet, miserable day where I did not own a suitable coat yet.

Outfit Details:
Hat: Primark
Bomber Jacket: New Look
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Primark 
Boots: New Look 
Necklace: Primark

Although it was a shame to not be able to wear my lovely new fur coat, it did mean that I got to wear this beautiful shell pink bomber a hell of a lot. In one way, I'm so glad that bomber jackets have made a comeback: there are some really beautiful designs available. On the other hand, the abundance of really nice pieces available means I want them all, not good news for the old bank balance. 

However, I've decided, and so far, successfully managed to restrain myself. I decided if I was going to limit myself to just one bomber jacket, it was going to be pink and I was going to love it. I did initially struggle with styling my new jacket because it's a very different shade of pink to other items in my wardrobe, but I like to think I've nailed it with this outfit. This delicate shade works really well with other neutrals like white, grey, black and certain nude shades.

On this day, I paired the bomber jacket with my beloved white fluffy high neck jumper from Primark that I have worn to death since I got it. Even after a few washes, it's still very soft and I feel both practical and chic when I wear it. It's comfortable, snuggly and cosy. I particularly like wearing it with a nice statement necklace peeking out from under the huge neck to give the outfit a bit of extra umph.

To finish off the outfit, I added my much-worn grey Primark jeans, which are sadly a little too large for me now, not helped by the fact the material has stretched and gone quite saggy. I'm on a mission to find a similar pair elsewhere that will last a little better. To go with my grey jeans: my grey New Look boots which I adore. Although heeled, I can manage to wear these quite comfortably provided I don't need to do hours of walking without a rest and I love the way they look. Of course, mild winter or not, a nice cosy hat was also essential.