For Mother's Day weekend, I took a trip up to Wakefield to spend time with my mum and family. The weather was surprisingly beautiful all weekend, so we decided a nice day out was on the cards. Our destination was Wentworth Castle, just a short drive away from Wakefield in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Despite the name, Wentworth Castle is not actually a castle. There is a folly, a structure designed to look like a castle, but no castle in the traditional sense. There are however, some beautiful gardens to take a look at and a large mansion in the grounds. The mansion as far as I know isn't open to the public but it was such a gorgeous day, I didn't want to spend it inside anyway.

We started our visit at the cafe, where we sat outside at the picnic tables eating bacon sandwiches (and beans on toast for my veggie sister). There were only two rashers of bacon in the sandwiches but it was cooked well and tasted delicious.

Stomachs filled, we began our walk around the gardens. With Spring just beginning, the gardens were beautiful. In the fields surrounding the area, bright, cheerful daffodils were growing everywhere. In the gardens themselves, flowers were starting to spring up everywhere. There was an abundance of colour and the sunshine made it a photographer's dream.

Besides the garden, there is also a large glass conservatory/greenhouse area with slightly more exotic plants inside. There were super bright flowers on show and amazing pink flowers dangling from the ceilings.

On the day we visited, the in tact tower at the folly was open so you could climb up. I have a weird relationship with heights - they make me incredibly nervous but I also really enjoy climbing to the top of tall structures and admiring the view. The views from the top of the tower at Wentworth Castle did not disappoint - the sunshine meant visibility was great and there area is surrounded by lovely green countryside.

Entry is just under £7 and includes car parking. I don't visit many places like this but this seems reasonable to me. If you're looking for a nice, picturesque walk to keep you occupied for a few hours and you're in the South Yorkshire area, I recommend a trip to Wentworth Castle!