Last year, I set "ME" as my word of the year. While this may sound incredibly self indulgent to some, I was motivated to spend 2016 focused on myself as my number one priority after spending years previously making all my decisions based on the opinions of other people. Overall, my 2016 word of the year was a success. I certainly started to live my life with more emphasis on what was best for me and as a result, I feel my life dramatically improved last year. However, it did have its drawbacks. I was very self centred last year, giving little thought towards other people. I noticed some of my relationships were suffering because I was stuck in my own head and forgetting to show any empathy towards other people. I did a few bits for charity towards the end of the year and it felt good to think about other people again. The lesson here is certainly one of balance: while I need to look out for myself as number one, I need to do this without it costing me my relationships with other people and without forgetting there are people in this world with less privilege than myself.

As I mentioned in my latest post, my year hasn't started in the best way possible. Just two weeks into 2017, I was hospitalised. I then had surgery and recovery was initially much more difficult than I anticipated. For this reason, 2017 will very much continue the "ME" theme but this year, I want to be a little more thoughtful about it. For 2017, my word of the year will be "Think." 

When focusing on ME last year, I often forgot to think about the long term consequences of my decisions, instead living very much for instant gratification. I want to incorporate more thought back into my life; more consideration of the actions I take and more consciousness surrounding the way I live my life. I do not want to eliminate my impulsiveness entirely; I believe a little spontaneity is good for everyone, but as with most things, there is such thing as too much spontaneity.

How I will incorporate THINK into my life in 2017:

  • I am already following the medical advice I have been given and not drinking alcohol anymore. I believe this alone will make me a much more thoughtful person and dramatically reduce the chances of poor decisions! 
  • I will not allow other people to pressurise me into making big decisions on the spot. I will always give myself time to step and away and THINK when someone asks something of me. 
  • I will make more time for reflection. I want to incorporate things like journalling and gratitude lists back into my life. I believe this will give me better clarity over what is truly going on in my head. 
  • In a similar vein to last year, I will constantly be asking myself: Is this good for me? How does this benefit me? How will this make me feel? Is this best for me? Will this move me forward? I will also add: Am I doing this for instant gratification without consideration for longer term consequences? 

Have you set a word for 2017? I'd love to read your blog posts.