Juggling a full time job, a blog, social life, self care and other commitments can be tough work. Good organisation skills are essential to do this successfully and our phones can be the most useful tool to help us do this. There are so many apps out there that can help you pull yourself together, and here are my favourites. As someone who doesn't own an iPhone, this post is focused on Android apps, but I'm pretty sure these are all available in the Apple Store anyway!

Google Drive 
Having an Android phone & tablet, plus a blog hosted by Google's free blogging platform Blogger, means I'm naturally attracted to using the vast array of services Google offers beyond its search engine. Perhaps the most valuable of these is Google Drive. With a free 15GB of storage, of which Google Docs, Sheets etc. don't use up, using this as my preferred cloud storage is a no brainer. While I prefer to use it on my laptop, it syncs seamlessly with my phone and tablet as well - absolutely essential for someone who is on the go a lot.

I use Google Drive to store a variety of personal documents that I need easy access to, non-Kindle ebooks I want to keep safe and most importantly: organise my blog. My content calendar, social media calendar, blog posts ideas, draft blog posts and other blog related things all have a home in this app.

Google Keep
Google Keep, a note and list making app, is a relatively new addition to my life. I mainly use it for shopping lists, but it's also good for saving links, random little thoughts that don't warrant an entire document and...my Stardew Valley notes. For those not in the know, Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game, very similar to Harvest Moon and the like. I am very anal about my farm and I have a variety of notes about things relating to the game I need to remember while playing.

Google Calendar
It's pretty obvious that anyone who needs to get organised should make sure they have a good calendar app in their life. For me, Google's app makes the most sense but there are so many out there. I recommend using this one if, like me, Google owns your soul, but there are so many out there that I don't think it matters too much which one you use, just as long as you use one!

I have different calendars saved to the app, each one colour coded. I have a different colour for work, personal appointments, blog events and social events.

Wunderlist is a To Do List app without which, I probably couldn't function. This app houses my "Ultimate To Do List" - a list of things I really do need to get round to doing but certainly can't be completed in a day and I'd forget about if I didn't write them down. It also saves my "General Organisation" list, tasks that I need to do regularly to stay on top of life, ones I come to whenever I get a spare moment. I also have a list for every day of the week where I input tasks I need to complete on specific days.

So, there you have it, my favourite android apps for organisation. A short list, yes, but I think if you're trying to get organised, you need to keep things simple, and having a huge number of apps on your phone isn't really helpful.

It's also important to note that this is just what works for me now. This list would look very different if I sat down and wrote it when I first had the idea! I used to be obsessed with Evernote but they made changes to the service that meant it was no longer useful to me. Same with a great email app called CloudMagic that I've yet to find a suitable replacement for.

What apps do you use to organise your life?