We all know that living in a clutter free home can have a great impact on our mental health and that working in a clutter free environment can have a great impact on our productivity levels - but what about keeping our digital environment free from clutter? These days, most of us are glued to our phones, tablets, laptop screens - but how many of us gain genuine value from our time spent staring at screens? I try to keep both my real life and digital life tidy and organised, and here is why.

You can find the files you need
When you stay on top of your storage, be that on your desktop, external hard drive, phone storage or cloud storage, you can always find what you need. Regularly deleting files you don't need and keeping files in relevant folders makes it easy to locate what you need, ultimately increasing your productivity because you are not wasting time searching for obscure items.

You only consume the content you want to consume
Taking time to make sure you only follow people you want to follow on social media makes it a lot easier to only consume the content you want to consume. We live in an age where massive volumes of information are available right at our fingertips and whilst this has its uses, it can also be overwhelming. By making sure you regularly re-evaluate who you follow on social media and where you spend your time online, you can minimise the information overload and make sure you only see what you want to see, when you want to see it.

You can choose the experience you have online
I know when it's time to do a digital declutter because I suddenly stop enjoying my time online. It feels like a chore to check social media, I find myself getting regularly frustrated or angry with the things I read and I've got thousands of unread emails and posts on BlogLovin. Once I've done a digital declutter, checking social media or using the Internet in general becomes pleasurable downtime again.  

It saves space
How many of you regularly encounter "storage full" messages? My phone in particular always seems to be filling up. When you stay on top of your digital environment, blurry photos, apps you never, ever use and files you've not needed for years all get deleted, saving valuable storage space for the things you really value.

It's good for your mind
Living in a clean, tidy house can make you feel great mentally and having a clutter free digital environment can too. The saying "a tidy room is a tidy mind" is equally applicable to your virtual life!

Operation Supervixen is my own personal transformation programme. In July 2014, I decided I was utterly fed up of being miserable, unwell and feeling like I wasn't reaching my full potential in life. To combat this, I decided I was going to radically transform my diet, maintain an exercise routine and centre my leisure activities around personal development. To keep me accountable and help others in the process, I started Operation Supervixen.