Despite being a beauty blogger for a number of years now, I am absolutely useless with my hair. I don't know how to style it and for the past few years, all I ever did to it was either let it dry naturally or occasionally I'd blow dry it and then just leave it. In more recent months, I was fed up of my hair looking like a bird's nest all the time, so I decided to start straightening it after every wash. This of course, meant I needed a good heat protection. Traditionally I've used sprays, but I wanted a serum this time round to really eliminate any frizz and try and calm my flyaway hair.

I decided to go for the V05 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum. I'm always drawn to V05 products due to the lovely pink packaging and there's always some kind of special offer on them.

While I'm not so sure this product "illuminates hair with brilliant shine", it does seem to do the job of protecting my hair from my straighteners. Just half a pump is enough to coat my hair without making it look greasy and it really smooths away any frizz. My straighteners glide across my hair with ease and my hair stays soft and straight for a day or two before it's time to wash it again. It doesn't make my hair dazzling shiny, but it's certainly not dull either and despite the regular application of heat, it doesn't look fried either.

If you're after a cheap heat protection solution for regularly straightened hair this is a great little product. I also use it before I blow dry my hair - a full pump for wet hair - and it's just as effective for this use as well.