Glasses were only something I started needing when I was 19. I was sat in a lecture at university when I realised I was really having to squint to see some of the detail on the Powerpoint slides. A few weeks later, I nearly missed a train because I couldn't read the screens at the train station. It felt like my perfect vision had disappeared overnight and I was horrified, I didn't want to wear glasses! In fact, a week after I received my first pair of glasses, I was right back in the opticians getting contact lenses instead.

But why was I so resistant to wearing glasses?

As I mentioned, I was already in uni by the time I realised I needed glasses, so I escaped playground taunts like "speccy four eyes" and the horror of a parent picking out a hideously unflattering pair of specs for me. Perhaps my insecurities instead stem from the fact that in every single movie where a bespectacled girl gets a makeover - her glasses are gone by the end of it! I could write a whole blog post about the message that sends. It could even be something as simple as it's stupidly hard to get a good selfie when wearing specs - glare and stupid reflections were the bane of my existence when trying to take photos for this post!

Whatever the reasons behind it, for the past few years, wearing glasses has made me feel insecure. Throughout uni I would occasionally wear them when my eyes needed a break from lenses, but rarely outside the house and definitely not on a night out. I just didn't feel attractive wearing my glases.

Now that I'm inescapably an adult with a full time job that requires an early start, I find myself wearing my glasses more and more often - I don't know about you, but I really don't fancy sticking my fingers in my eyes at 6am. It lingers though, that feeling that I'm not as pretty in my glasses, like I haven't put any effort in if I pop my specs on.

Then, a few months ago, I found myself in a predicament. My prescription had changed quite a lot without me noticing. I was able to get new glasses in the correct prescription sorted very quickly but they just couldn't squeeze me in for a contacts appointment. After wearing my new glasses for the first time and seeing everything crystal clear for the first time in months, seriously, it was like everything was suddenly in HD, I knew that wearing my contact lenses when I only had sets in my old prescription wasn't going to be an option.

I had to decide to love my glasses then and there. I had to embrace being bespectacled! 

Changing my relationship with my glasses hasn't been easy. There's practical concerns: they're either too tight or slip down my nose all the time and I am incapable of going more than a few hours without getting a smudge on my lenses so I'm forever cleaning them.

But, I know now, I'm not some hideous monster when I wear my glasses. I even quite like the way I look in them. They give me a very different look and I do love to experiment with my appearance! And, even if they did make me look awful, who cares?! NOTHING can outweigh the value of being able to see properly!

Have you ever overcome an aspect of your appearance that you don't like? How did you manage it?