The other week, I booked some time off work and flew to Spain with my sister for a much needed holiday. The prospect of a week away spent in hot sunshine on the beach was great but I soon realised I was missing a few "essentials" from my wardrobe because it has been such a long time since I had a beach holiday. So, naturally, it was time for a Primark haul.

What I Bought: 
Pink floral embroidered MOM jeans
White loafers
White floppy hat
Pink trainers
Pink baseball cap
Pastel purple/pink/mint green scarf
Pink mirror sunglasses 
White "leather" rucksack
All Primark 

For years, I've had a smart, business-casual way of dressing. Think pencil skirts, pretty blouses, pretty dressers, smart shoes and blazers. While it worked really well for when I finally got my first office job in 2014, in recent months, I've found myself yearning for a more casual way of dressing. Jeans, sweatshirts and jogging bottoms have all been creeping into my wardrobe and one of the things I've really been wanting is a baseball cap. I decided this holiday was the perfect time to pick one up because I'd need something to protect my head and shade my face during the day. Naturally when I saw a pink glittery one, I knew this was the cap for me. This blog isn't called The Glitter Vixen for nothing...

While I loved my existing pair of trainers, they are unfortunately starting to look pretty beat up, not mention they don't actually go with any of my clothes. I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking in Spain so I wanted a comfy pair of trainers that also looked pretty and matched the clothing I was planning on taking. This suedette pair really fitted the bill.

For evenings, I knew I'd need a light cover up when the temperature dropped. I didn't want to buy a full on jacket because I knew it'd be hard to find one to match every outfit I had planned so I wanted a scarf I could use as a shawl. I really loved this delicate pastel one and it worked a treat.

I always need a good pair of white flats to hand. Once the nicer weather rolls round, I tend to live in them because they go so well with lighter coloured clothes. My existing pair were on their last legs, so it was time to get a new pair. I liked the silver hardware on these.

I wanted a more feminine, dressy hat option for my holiday as well so opted for a white floppy beach hat. Unfortunately it's so huge I didn't actually end up taking this with me in the end...

Not really a holiday necessity but I'd been eyeing up these jeans for weeks and decided to just cave in and buy them. I ended up doing both flights in these and I love them. Surprisingly comfy and just the right amount of edgy and girly for me.

I've somehow ended up with multiple pairs of hideously unflattering sunglasses that I can't wear anyway because they slide off my tiny head. After trying on many other pairs that also fit this description, I found these tucked right away at the back of the stand. I tried them on and not only did they fit my tiny head, but I didn't look hideous in them either. I'm now wondering whether I should go back and see if there are more colours and grab a backup pair or two...

It's been years since I've had a proper handbag. I had a pink one and a black one I'd loved since I was in uni and then the handles broke off both in the same week. At the time I couldn't afford a new one so I resorted to using what I already had - rucksacks. Since then, I've fallen in love with the convenience. It's so much easier to carry an excessive amount of stuff around on your back and it's kinder on your my shoulders too. Unfortunately, one of my rucksacks gave up the ghost just before my holiday so I "had" to treat myself to a new one. I thought this white one would be suitable for the sunshine and versatile enough to go with a variety of outfits. I wasn't wrong.

Have you picked anything up from Primark recently?