For me, April has been a relatively quiet TV month. I like to include only series I have finished in my monthly roundup posts, so really, there should only be two things to write about this month! However, it occurred to me I actually forgot about some things in my last roundup...

James Delaney, presumed dead, unexpectedly shows up to his father's funeral and begins to cause havoc

Taboo is the first series I forgot to include in my "What I've Watched So Far in 2017" post, which is weird, because it's probably the best thing I've watched so far this year. It's so good that I hauled myself out of bed post-surgery and discharged myself from hospital so I could go home and watch it. Although set in the same kinda time period as a Jane Austen novel, this programme shows a much darker side to regency life and it was a side I loved seeing. I loved the way each new episode surpassed the previous in suspense and excitement. A TV show I wholeheartedly recommend.

Set in an alternate reality where Germany successfully invaded England during WWII, SSGB follows a member of the British murder detective who is forced to work for both the Nazis and the Resistance 

The second series I forgot to include in my last roundup. I really love the idea of books and TV shows set in a world where WWII had a different ending but I found The Man in the High Castle really disappointing. Thankfully, SSGB was much better. It took me three episodes (there were only five altogether) to really get engaged with the story but the finale was absolutely epic. There are some really great performances in this show and I loved the way I genuinely couldn't tell which side Archer was actually on.

Vikings Season 4B
The second half the fourth season of a TV show following the life of a legendary Viking 

Wow, what to say about this season. It's genuinely hard for me to explain my feelings for this series without completely spoiling it. Let's just say there's a completely unexpected, heartbreaking twist or two..or three or more. There's some new faces in this season that are a really great addition to the show and I'm looking forward to seeing more, despite the people who won't be in it anymore.

Two lifelong best friends start university together, but tensions arise when they both compete for a coveted place on a prestigious internship programme where not everything is as it seems

Although I swore I'd never watch BBC 3 again after it went online only, when I saw the trailers for Clique, I knew I wasn't going to be able to resist. It had a kinda Scottish version of Pretty Little Liars about it and I was intrigued. It's slightly more grown up (read: nudity and drugs) than PLL and slightly more realistic but the twists and turns are just as dramatic. I was hooked until the end and I'm hoping for a second series next year.

May and June are set to be good months for TV - Doctor Who, The 100 and PLL are all back and I'm having a great time watching them so far. What have you been watching lately?