A few days ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday. Admittedly, I'd been feeling a bit anxious about it. The past couple of birthdays I'd had hadn't been particularly pleasant for whatever reason and who doesn't get a bit wobbly knowing they're creeping ever closer to thirty years old?! Thankfully, I had a really enjoyable birthday and I don't feel as bad about my age as I expected to. Seeing as it's now a year since I created my 30 Before 30 goals list, I thought I'd give a little update on where I'm at with it.

1) Pay off my credit card and Very account

My Very account is thankfully long gone and next payday (Wednesday!) my credit card will be gone too, hooray!

2) Pass my driving test 

Unfortunately, I am still coming up with lots of excuses as to why this has not happened. With my debit being paid off in June however, I am hoping to use the money I will gain from no longer paying that off on driving lessons instead.

3) Get a car

Obviously getting a car won't make sense unless I can drive it!

4) Save £5000

There's no point having savings if you've got debt to pay off! I imagine I won't be in a position to be able to put money away for a while sadly because I'd rather use any extra on driving lessons.

5) Visit Asia

Really hoping for a trip to somewhere like Thailand before my 30th.

6) Go to somewhere in the USA that isn't New York

When I wrote this list, I don't know where I thought the money to do this was going to come from!!!

7) Visit somewhere on mainland Europe I haven't been to before

While I've managed to fit in a trip to Spain in the past year, unfortunately, it's somewhere I've been many a time.

8) Go to Versailles

I was really hoping to squeeze this in before I turned 26 so I could still get free entry but sadly, I left it too late.

9) Go abroad alone

I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do this!

10) Visit 10 new places in the UK

So far I've managed one: Blackpool! Although I've been as a child I barely remember it so I classed this as a new visit. Wish I'd spent more time there though!

11) Go to Stone Henge

We drove past this on our way back from Center Parcs. I decided that was enough to mark this goal as complete!

12) Go to the Natural History Museum

I had planned to do this in March but my recovery from surgery meant I wasn't up to it, plus, they were still installing the blue whale at this point and I don't wanna miss it!

13) Go to a theme park

I've only gone and DONE IT! Went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for my birthday, hooray!

14) Spend a birthday in Aberystwyth

Not yet! Next year maybe?

15) Go swimming in the sea

Managed to do this while I was in Benidorm, yay!

16) Have a professional massage

Not yet.

17) Read 260 books

This is definitely in progress!

18) Sit on the Iron Throne

Not yet, need to do more research into how to make this happen

19) Grow my nails

In progress!

20) Try out a high ropes course

Now that I'm fully recovered from my surgery I can start looking at this goal again.

21) Go camping

I was hoping to do this in the summer but it might be next year now.

22) Go to a fireworks display on Bonfire Night

Hopefully will achieve this this year.

23) Attend a Halloween celebration in fancy dress

A little bird told me I might have very, very exciting Halloween plans this year but not 100% confirmed yet.

24) Take my youngest siblings on a day trip

Haven't managed this one yet.

25) Go see a band/artist I haven't seen before

I've been to see Wednesday 13 this year and I've definitely seen him before. SERIOUSLY hoping for Lana Del Rey!!!!!

26) Join a gym

I've become a member of the swimming pool in Reading instead as I love swimming and I actually get my money's worth from doing this - I doubt I'd ever go to the gym. I can go to gym classes with my membership as well so I'm marking this complete.

27) Complete an Instagram photo challenge

Damn, I'd meant to start one after my birthday but I forgot!

28) Try horse riding 

Considering how much I struggled to get on and off the life sized horses on the Derby Racer ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach I don't know how feasible this goal actually is!

29) Go to the theatre

I went to go see the Great Gatsby last year as my friend was involved with it.

30) Take up a non-Internet based hobby

Does napping count?

All in all, I'm quite pleased with my progress. I've been meaning to go to a theme park for years and now I've finally done it! Who knows what I'll have achieved by my next update.