Benidorm, ah Benidorm. I know the reputation you have. As soon as I hit "Buy" on the flights, I found myself hesitant to share my joy on social media. While normally I'd shout from the rooftops about booking a holiday, a holiday abroad on a PLANE, I know the kind of looks people get when you say you're going to Benidorm. Whenever I did mention to people I was going away, I'd say I was going to Spain, only mentioning exactly where when pressed to.

But Benidorm, you do not deserve the negative reputation you have.

For me, Benidorm is happiness. Because my grandparents are lucky enough to own an apartment there, it was always the holiday destination of choice when I was a child. From splashing in the pool with my brother, to picking the parts I liked the best out of the paella at Manolo's, I have so many, many happy memories there. It's so much more than loud, obnoxious English tourists and awful entertainment evenings.

Although my most recent trip was in April, the temperatures remained constant at around 24 degrees C each day and the sun was always shining. The sea was always a mix of beautiful shades of blue and turquoise and the air always had that holiday scent of salt and sand. Although definitely a tourist destination, I still felt I was very much in Spain - most conversations I overheard were in Spanish and there were more Spanish places to eat than rubbish looking bars proudly declaring they served "English" food.

After the mentally and physically exhausting months of January and February, I very much needed this holiday - Benidorm was the missing piece in the puzzle of my recovery. Long, hot days spent eating only the most delicious of food and lying on the beach truly relaxed and refreshed me.

Now when can I go back?!