I haven't worn denim shorts for years. When I was in university all those years ago (!!!), I managed to find the perfect pair of cut off vintage Levi's and I loved them. Unfortunately, finishing uni, getting older and working behind a desk all took their toll and I gained weight, meaning my beloved Levi's were passed onto my sisters. While in Benidorm, I suddenly realised how much of denim shorts-sized gap there was in my life and set out to buy some.

Outfit Details:
Baseball Cap: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark
Shirts: Primark
Shorts: Pimkie
Trainers: Primark

On previous trips to Europe, I had discovered a shop called Pimkie which I really loved. Because I've found Pimkie in both Paris and Verona, I was left wondering if there was one in Benidorm too. There was. It was here that I stumbled upon my new pair of denim shorts. Admittedly, they're not perfect. These photos desperately make me wish I'd got a larger size and they're a little shorter than I'm comfortable with. However, they're the right colour denim, they go with a large variety of tops and they're just the right amount of distressed - enough to look cool but not so holey you can see my knickers! 

On this particular day, I decided to pair my brand new shorts with this white sleeveless blouse from Primark with cute little pink hearts. I adore this blouse but don't wear it enough. I'm so glad I brought it on holiday with me so it could get a proper outing, although I am on the hunt for some trousers and a skirt in the exact same shade of pink as the hearts though, because I think that would really look fab. 

To finish off the outfit, I added a baseball cap, sunglasses and trainers because this is pretty much how every outfit I wore during the day in Benidorm was finished off. I love the sunshine, but my eyes don't and I didn't want a burnt scalp. The trainers meant I could do a proper amount of walking without the day being marred by blistered feet. 

An outfit you can't really go wrong with on a nice, sunny holiday!