I'm forever losing an eternal war with my hair. As a teenager, I found it so easy to grow my hair. Although it was never THICK, it was much thicker than it is now and it was super soft. I'd cut it when I was bored of it, and grow it when I felt like it.

Then, I discovered bleach.

As any girl who has gone in search of perfect blonde hair will tell you, it can be a highly damaging process. Although it's now about two years since I last coloured my hair, and about four years since I was a blonde, my hair is still not the same. It's thin, brittle and I can never grow it to a length I'm genuinely happy with because it looks so wispy and wild when I try.

For this reason, the conditioner is very important to me. I've had success with Lush hair products in the past. The Damaged Hot Oil Treatment is great and I quite liked the Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar, although now that I've finished it, I can confirm it was was making my hair greasier than usual.

However, I did not like the Lush Retread Conditioner. I'm not one to give up though, so I thought I'd see if Lush American Cream was any better.

Sadly, it wasn't.

Like most Lush products, it does smell incredible but I run out of positive things to say after that. I had to use like half of this small bottle to coat my very fine hair adequately and the results were nothing special.

I just don't think me and Lush conditioners are meant to be, which is a shame, because Lush shampoos and skincare are great!