If going on holiday isn't the most perfect time to wear pretty pastels and get photographic evidence of doing so, I don't know when is! I purchased this amazing colourful lace two piece last year but haven't had much chance to wear it, that is, until I went to Benidorm.

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses, Shoes and Bag: Primark
Top and Skirt: New Look 

I first became aware of the existence of this New Look skirt after spying it on Hannah Gale's blog. It was love at first sight, so I quickly clicked through to find out where it was from and how much money I'd be parting with. To my delight it was from lovely, affordable New Look but not only that, it had a matching top as well! At the time, I had an event coming up and decided this outfit would be perfect for that but alas, the weather wasn't playing ball and so this pretty co-ord ended up forgotten in the back of wardrobe somewhere. 

Then, along came my holiday. The temptation to go out and buy a whole new outfit suitable for the hot weather in Spain was real, but I couldn't really justify that and the flights. So, I had to search through what I already had for outfit solutions. When I saw this skirt and top set, I knew it was coming with me.   

I realise the colour combination is a bit too much for some people, but I personally love it. However, the drawback of this means that accessorising was quite difficult. While the obvious thing to do would be to buy shoes and a bag in a colour that corresponds to one of the colours in the lace, I can't really justify buying a bag or shoes for the sake of it going with just one outfit. The next solution was to just choose a neutral bag and shoes. I personally don't think black would be quite right, so I went for white and well, I quite like the final result. 

I wore this outfit for an evening meal one night in Benidorm and it was perfect. Not too dressy, but special enough. Not too light, but appropriate for the evening and night time warmth. 

Do you have any unusual colour combinations in your wardrobe?