Despite taking a week off work in April to go on a holiday where wi-fi was pretty much non-existent, I still didn't manage to catch up on my 2017 Reading Challenge. I'd originally intended to do a lot of reading while I was in Benidorm but when I arrived, I found myself incredibly reluctant to take my tablet to the beach. However, I did manage to squeeze a few books in last month...

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
The third and final book in the amazing His Dark Materials trilogy 

After reading the first two books in the His Dark Materials trilogy in March, it makes sense that I finished what I'd started in April. The Amber Spyglass is a much heftier book than it's predecessors, but every single page is worth it. The worlds the novel travels through are beautifully crafted and the story is so captivating. Just as I did the first time round, I wept at the heartbreaking ending. Although it's apparently a children's book, I'd recommend this book to anyone and everyone after a fantastical, thought-provoking read. I love it.

Red Queen
Mare Barrow is an ordinary red blooded girl living in a world ruled by a silver-blooded elite with superhuman abilities - until she realises she's anything but ordinary 

I've been wanting to make a start on this young adult fantasy fiction series for ages. Amazon has been recommending it to me ages and before my holiday, I finally cracked and downloaded all the books that were available. Although it has my usual bugbears found in YA novels - "true love" that springs out of nowhere and a world that isn't quite as developed as I'd like it to be - I seriously enjoyed this book. Mare is not at all the usual main character I'm used to seeing and that twist at the end had me screaming.

Glass Sword 
The second book in the Red Queen series

After the heart-wrenching end of Red Queen, I couldn't wait to get stuck into the next book in the series and it didn't disappoint. I ended up staying up until 3am one night to finish it - I just didn't want to put it down. If you're into stuff like The Hunger Games, you need to read this.

What have you been reading lately?