In May 2016, shortly after my 25th birthday, I set myself a list of 30 goals I wish to achieve before my 30th birthday. A chunk of these goals centre on travel, so today, I thought I'd share my ideal locations I'd love to visit in line with my 30 Before 30 goals. Unfortunately I don't have an infinite supply of money or holiday days at work, so I'd like to point out that this is very much a wishlist!

Goal 5 - Visit Asia
Asia is a pretty huge place, so perhaps I'd better start being more specific about where in Asia I want to go if I'm going to get serious about achieving this goal. When I think about visiting Asia, there are three places that particularly spring to mind as being must visit destinations for me.

It's only in the past few years that Thailand has been on my radar as a potential holiday destination, but now the idea has entered my head, I cannot possibly get it out! I'm not so bothered by the idea of visiting cities like Bangkok, but those islands look so dreamy! Plus think of the FOOD.

It's not something I talk about a lot, but I actually have a joint honours degree. Besides English Literature, I also studied American Studies. A large portion of this, understandably, focused on the Vietnam War. Admittedly I found this really difficult to learn about - I've read some truly harrowing books and watched some disturbing films - but it's left me with a huge curiosity to see Vietnam with my own eyes.

Back when I was in my early teens and my sister Eve was a tiny little thing, we both had a fascination with Japan. We decided that we'd start saving up then and there so that when Eve turned 18, we could both visit Japan together. Eve turns 20 next week and guess what, we've never been. Wouldn't it be nice if we at least managed it before I turn 30?!

Goal 6 - Visit Somewhere in the USA That Isn't New York
It's not just Vietnam that my degree has left me with a yearning for, I need to see the whole of the USA! I was lucky enough to visit New York in 2009 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life but I'd rather see something new next time I'm stateside. Whilst my degree has fuelled a lot of my American Dreaming, a lot of the places I'm most interested in are from the books I read and the TV I watch. Some of my top dream destinations include:

Yellowstone National Park
I have a weird, morbid fascination with Yellowstone. It terrifies and amazes me in equal measure that if that volcano goes off, we're all done for. I need to see it with my own eyes. Plus, the National Park itself just looks stunning, I cannot imagine how awed I'd feel to see it in real life.

The Carolinas 
Thanks to Kathy Reichs, I need to visit North and South Carolina because of the way she describes them in her Virals and Temperance Brennan books. Also very interested in North Carolina because it's where my favourite musical artist in the whole wide world hails from.

Ummmm, Disney, amazing weather, beaches, what more do I need to explain?!

Goal 7 - Visit Somewhere In Europe That I Haven't Been To Before 
I've been to Europe many times, but I have a habit of visiting the same places over and over again. Benidorm in Spain was my most repeated holiday destination in my childhood, but I've also been to Paris in France three times and Lake Garda/Venice/Verona in Italy twice. Whilst I love these destinations more than I can possibly explain, it would be nice to see some new places on this continent I live in!

I've seen Prague in so many films, but most importantly, part of one of my favourite book series is set there, The Mortal Instruments. The scenes in Prague in The Mortal Instruments are some of my favourite scenes in a book EVER and since then I've been desperate to see it with my own eyes.

My mum, stepdad and sister went to Corfu a few years back and I was so jealous, it looked amazing. In fact, all the Greek islands look amazing. I spend a lot of time dreaming about all inclusive holidays in Greece.

Game of Thrones was filmed there and the Northern Lights. ENOUGH SAID.

Goal 10 - Visit 10 New Places in the UK
Whilst all these exotic destinations sound so appealing, I think it's important not to forget that there's a wealth of fabulous destinations in the UK to visit too! I've already managed Blackpool so far and I had a great day there, but here are the other nine places I'd like to tick off:

1) Brighton
2) Bournemouth
3) Edinburgh
4) Glasgow
5) Swansea
6) Margate
7) Bath
8) Torquay
9) Oxford

What's on your travel wishlist?