The denim shorts are back! They really are the staple of a summer wardrobe aren't they? Not that we're going to get much of a summer in the UK. I hate how unpredictable the weather is at the moment. It's also difficult to dress appropriately for the work day knowing that one minute it's boiling hot, but the aircon is dodgy (read: ARCTIC) in the office and by the time I need to walk home it's monsoon season. What's a girl to do?!

Luckily, you don't run into these problems in Benidorm!

Outfit Details:
Cap, Sunglasses and Shoes: Primark
Top: New Look
Shorts: Pimkie

As you may know, the top featured in this post is actually part of a co-ordinating set. Whilst I obviously love to wear the set, I think the top pairs really well with denim bottoms. In the UK, I go for pale blue jeans, but when the weather is hot, out come the shorts. I actually really like the contrast between the dressy nature of the top and the casualness of the shorts. This would also be a good style of outfit to adopt if you wanted to tan your legs but protect your already burnt shoulders or chest. I promise that's not what I was doing here though!

Naturally to finish this outfit off, the hat and sunglasses were necessary protection from the sun - as much as I love it, too much is bad for my eyes and my head! As the baseball cap gives the outfit a really casual edge, I went for my white loafers on my feet to create more casual/dressy contrast. My other alternative would have been trainers but I'm happy with the white flats. 

Finally, a shoutout to this location! My memory book is hidden away at the moment, but I know for a fact there's a picture in there of Baby Glitter Vixen sat IN that tree I'm leaning against. I'll share it one day!