After my last post about Benidorm, I thought I'd back up my claims that Benidorm is a great place to go on holiday with some hard facts. Unfortunately, I've not had much chance to do proper travel posts since I started this blog in 2013, so I'm excited to put together my very first proper travel guide. Without further ado, here is The Glitter Vixen's guide to Benidorm.


Because I've always stayed in my grandparents' apartment whenever I go to Benidorm, I can't recommend specific hotels. However, I can recommend the area the apartment is located in. For me, if you're going to Benidorm, staying on the Poniente Beach side is an absolute no brainer. The hotel nearest to where I stay is the Poseidon Playa which looks alright to me, so you could stay there or use that as a general guide to where I think is the best area to stay. However, you may find it a little quiet if you're looking for more of a party holiday rather than a lay around on the beach all day type holiday.  


As a child, I only ever remember going to two restaurants in Benidorm and I went back to both as an adult. One was slightly disappointing, but the other, Manolo 1 Ongi Etorri is synonymous with Benidorm for me. This time round, I ended up eating at Manolo's a grand total of three times and quite frankly, I'd be tempted to just eat there every night next time I go. I wholeheartedly recommend going here if you're in Benidorm and after traditional Spanish cuisine. The staff are all friendly and the menu comes in multiple languages, including English and it has allergy information so you know exactly what you're getting. The seafood paella and fideua are honestly two of the best dishes I've ever eaten. On our last night we also indulged in a delightful crepe for dessert!

Other honourable mentions for food go to El Castell up by Placa del Castell and San Remo da Pier. El Castell is a bar cafe that serves fabulous cocktails alongside food like chips and burgers, as well as some tapas style dishes. San Remo da Pier is an Italian restaurant that has the best pizza outside of Italy that I've ever eaten.


Personally, I am a big fan of holidays where you do very little besides eat, sleep, swim and laze around on the beach. The Poniente Beach in Benidorm is one of the best I have ever been to and is perfect for this type of holiday. It's big, there's a lot of golden sand, and for some reason, doesn't get as busy a Levante Beach even though it's bigger and nicer in my opinion.

However, it is occasionally nice to have the odd day out and exploring. One of the best days I had on my most recently visit was our excursion to Benidorm Island. You pay about 15 euros and hop on a boat to the island that can be seen anywhere from Benidorm's coast. It's a nature reserve so there's lots and lots of seagulls and native plants. There's also some peacocks and a cafe to get food. However, the real highlight of the trip is the part where you hop into a submarine and go for a little trip around the island. There's loads of fish swimming round the island and we even spotted some scuba divers.

Benidorm also has a vibrant town where you can get some decent shopping done. At times I had to be physically pulled away from some stunning highlighters in a beauty store or some gorgeous clothes that I knew I'd not find in the UK. Make sure you also visit Placa del Castell for some seriously Instagramable surroundings.

If you've got more cash to splash and don't mind hiring or car or using the public transports, there's also a theme park, water park and zoo type place to visit. These are on my wishlist for my next trip!

Have you ever been to Benidorm? Do you love it as much as me?