What I Watched in July

Although I seem to be reading very slowly at the moment, the amount of TV I watch seems to be increasing massively. A lot of weekly shows I was watching ended in July - some more satisfactorily than others, but I also managed to binge a few new series too.

What I Read in July

Although I read every day Monday-Friday, it seems to be taking me an astonishingly long time to get through books at the moment. I used to be such a fast reader, I don't know what happened. So, here's a very short post on the books I read during July.

An Evening at The Real Greek Reading

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a taster evening at the new branch of The Real Greek restuarant in Reading. I've only ever eaten at a Greek restaurant once before in my life so I was very excited to give it another try. I don't know much about Greek food beyond halloumi, so it was great to see what it's all about and try something new!

10 Things To Do When You're In a Bad Mood

I don't know about you, but I'm an absolute slave to my moods. When I am happy, I am productive and feel capable of taking on the world, but everything changes the second my mood turns. Annoyed, angry, sad - anything even remotely negative and I shrink away from life. I don't want to do anything besides hide in my bed, abusing my Netflix account. Unfortunately, negative emotions are just a part of life and I've had to learn to cope with them otherwise I'd never get anything done.

Here's a list of 10 things to do when you're in a bad mood!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation [Product Review]

The quest for the perfect foundation continues! After trying a few drugstore foundations and not having much luck, I decided it was time to part with more money and go high end. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows and Primer Potion so wondered if the foundation was of the same quality. The All Nighter Foundation promises long wearing full coverage which is everything I ask for.

So, how did I get on?

Pastels and Velvet [Outfit Post]

Before I jump into today's post, can we talk about how good my sister is at taking outfit photos? It was so great having her around in Benidorm, I really miss having her here to take regular snaps of my outfits for me. These are some of my favourite outfit photos ever and lovely Eve is also to thank for my wavy hair too! If you're reading Evil, I love ya!

An Evening at Franco Manca in Reading

I was recently invited to an exclusive launch night at Reading's newest pizza place: Franco Manca. I'm a huge pizza fan and was particularly excited to experience Franco Manca's unique approach to pizza. It's created on homemade sourdough bread with only the best ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

So, what did I think of it all?

Creating a Routine That Works For You

I've lived in Reading for just over a year now and I've finally settled into a routine that I enjoy whilst playing to my strengths and accounting for my weaknesses. It can be restricting adhering to a routine too strictly, but having a rough daily routine in place can really help you stay focused, motivated and happy. It has certainly been useful in my own mental and physical wellbeing.

Getting a routine that's just right for you can be quite a tricky process and admittedly, it's just been a lot of trial and error for me. However, I have picked up a few tips on the way and thought I'd share some of them with you today.

7th Heaven Nail and Cuticle Finger Masks

Despite having been a beauty blogger for years now, I still haven't got the hang of having nice nails. I'm a serial biter and have been for as long as I can remember, which means even when I do manage to grow my nails, they are weak and brittle, breaking off easily and leaving me with a ruined manicure. When I feel like I need nice looking nails for an event, I tend to turn to acrylics as a quick fix, but my ultimate goal is to not only stop biting my nails, but get them healthy and strong too.

When I received this 7th Heaven Nail and Cuticle Finger Mask in a goodie bag at an event, I just knew I had to give it a go!

Pink Velvet Boohoo Dress [Outfit Post]

Does anyone else have a few dresses that they absolutely love yet for some reason, completely neglect to wear? Today's post is all about one of my dresses that just doesn't get enough air time!

Where I'm At With Operation Supervixen

Ah, Operation Supervixen, my own personal development programme that I created and promised to stick to and blog about. Self improvement is still an ongoing theme in my life, but it's slow progress. I am just making it up as I go along and it's not as great a source for blog content as I envisioned it to be. When I first started writing Operation Supervixen posts on the blog, my intention was to set some ludicrous goals, create a lofty and over-ambitious plan to get there, then blog about how I become an impossibly brilliant person. I now know that personal development is a never-ending journey, rather than a concrete destination, and a lot of the things I thought would turn me into Super Woman are actually not great for me.

The Things That Stop Me From Speaking My Mind

If you asked me what my worst quality was, I would most likely immediately say my reluctance to stand up and speak for what I believe in. I am forever finding myself in situations where I really should speak up but I clam up and go silent. It could be that I'm at work and someone is saying something I know is wrong but I'm scared to challenge them. Someone could be spouting off racist, sexist or other hateful and harmful opinions and my desire to avoid confrontation means I don't voice my own opinions. I've become acutely aware of this issue recently because of the UK General Election. Whilst I have strong political opinions, I've largely refrained from even liking or retweeting those who agree with me, nevermind using my own voice during these political turbulent times. So, why am I like this?

NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer

One of my favourite concealers of all time is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Unfortunately, I am not alone in this opinion and on more than one occasion, I've been to town to buy a new one just to find that it's out of stock in my shade everywhere. On such occasions, I am forced to venture into unknown territory and try a new concealer. This time, I decided to give the NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer a go.

Coral Lace Detail Boohoo Dress [Outfit Post]

There's an abundance of button down dresses available in stores right now and I must say, I am loving it. Unfortunately I'm trying to be grown up and stop spending money I don't have on things I don't need, so I can't go completely crazy and buy them all, but I did manage to pick up this lovely coral-coloured, lace detailed number from Boohoo before I went to Benidorm.

What I've Been Reading Lately

Unfortunately, my goal to read 52 books in 2017 doesn't seem to be going so well. It's currently taking me about a month to read a single book, but I am managing a few. Here are the most recent books to make it to my "read" pile...